Art on the Commons 2015 Agreement

I have read the prospectus and hereby agree to all conditions outlined for the Art on the Commons. All work that I exhibit will be my own in the medium in which I am registered. I understand and agree that if I become a participant in the 2015 Art on the Commons, images of me and/or my work may be used by the City of Kettering Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department and the Kettering Arts Council for promotional or publicity purposes. I also understand that the City of Kettering will not be responsible for damage or theft of work displayed during Art on the Commons. The Art on the Commons Committee reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules.

By signing this agreement, I agree that my juried and exhibited work is original and that I have had direct, hands-on involvement in the making of each of these works.  I further acknowledge that the Rosewood Arts Centre, City of Kettering and Art on the Commons do not carry insurance to cover damage to, or loss of, personal property, or against personal injury to me or to my helpers.  I further acknowledge that I have been advised to obtain my own insurance to cover these risks.

On behalf of myself, my heirs, assigns, and all others who may claim through me, we agree to release and hold City of Kettering harmless from any and all claims which I may have, known or unknown, now or in the future, against City of Kettering, its agents and employees, arising out of or relating to Art on the Commons, including but not limited to damage to, or theft or loss of, my personal property, or for personal injury which I or my assistants or employees may sustain while at the Art on the Commons.  This agreement includes all claims of any kind whatsoever under any legal theory including claims under statute, regulation, or ordinance, claims under any express or implied contract, all public policy claims, any and all tort claims, and any claims for attorney fees and costs as well as all other claims of any kind.

I understand and agree by submitting this application and nonrefundable application fee; I consent to, and authorize the use of any and all images of my work in promotional literature and/or other promotional endeavors by the City of Kettering, Art on the Commons, its officers, directors, and agents.  Said images may be used for no payment in any fashion at the sole and exclusive discretion of the Art on the Commons.  Such uses may include, but are not limited to print advertisements, marketing materials, billboards, television advertising, and interactive media including but not limited to web media, social media, and electronic media. 

Art on the Commons committee retains the right to prevent an Applicant/Artist accepted for exhibition from exhibiting for conduct deemed, in the Art on the Commons’ sole discretion, unacceptable and or detrimental to the mission and reputation of the Art on the Commons.  If the Art on the Commons exercises its rights under this Rule in advance of the event date, Art on the Commons will provide the affected Applicant/Artist(s) notice of the Art on the Commons’ decision in writing to the address provided by the affected Applicant/Artist(s) in his/her application.

I have read and understand the requirements for participation in the August 9, 2015, Art on the Commons as stated above and in the Art on the Commons Prospectus.  I agree to abide by these requirements for participation and all other rules, policies and decisions Art on the Commons, Rosewood Arts Centre and the City of Kettering.  I also understand that failure to comply may result in my expulsion from the 2015 Art on the Commons and denial of my participation in future Art on the Commons.