Santa Fe College Spring Arts Festival 2016 Agreement

1. This is a show for individual artists and not for commercialism or dealers. Any on-site work must have prior written approval. Final interpretation of commercial status will be made by the Spring Arts Festival Rules Committee.

2. Artists will not be limited to a maximum number of works. Only one exhibitor will be permitted in each space. A two-person team or partnership producing a single product may qualify as a single exhibitor if this is adequately explained in writing at the time of application. The displaying exhibitor must be the same person who filed the accepted application. If you are accepted as a two-person team, BOTH artists must be present throughout the weekend.

3. “Alternate” status does not imply that the artist’s work will be chosen to participate in the Festival. Artists that are selected will be notified by Festival staff. Regardless of “Alternate” status, NO EXHIBITORS will be added after noon on Friday, April 1, 2016.

4. All works must be original works of art done by the displaying artist. Works reproduced from the masters, from advertisements or from widely circulated photographs are not considered original works of art and are unacceptable. Only works typified by slides shall be exhibited. Exhibitor shall be personally liable for any copyright infringement, violation of copyright or other ownership interest or licenses. Exhibitor, by accepting our invitation to participate and actually participating agrees to indemnify and does hereby indemnify and hold harmless, the Santa Fe College Spring Arts Festival and Santa Fe College and Foundation for any alleged or actual infringement or violation of copyright laws or rights by the Exhibitor Artist.

5. Kit-type work, ceramics from commercial molds, mass produced items, antiques, strings of beads, shell crafts, mass produced or manufactured jewelry of settings, decoupage, embellished items, pattern or mass produced macrame, crocheting, knitting, plants, musical recordings and commercial displays are not eligible to be exhibited.

6. Reproductions must be clearly labeled as “Reproductions.” Artists may include only reproductions of their own original work. Reproductions may only constitute 15% of the entire work exhibited by an artist.

7. Wearable art is of original design and limited edition.

8. Paintings and drawings must be appropriately presented. Unframed work must be displayed in a portfolio. Artists are required to use a substantial display that will withstand wind and crowds. Plastic coverings and sandbags are urged. Each exhibit area will be subject to inspection by Festival representatives and community officials prior to and during the Festival. Each exhibit booth, at all times, will be set up and operational in a safe and professionally sound manner. The Festival reserves the exclusive right to maintain final authority as to the safety and appropriateness of all contents and structure of any exhibit space.

9. The show will not exceed 180 competitive artists from all areas and an additional 25 community artists chosen from Alachua and Bradford County residents.

10. No skates, skateboards or bikes will be permitted on the street. This rule will be strictly enforced.

11. Only exhibits and concessions approved by the Festival will be permitted within the Festival as defined in the City of Gainesville Ordinance #2203 0-77-66 (Code 1960, & 19-9; Ord. No. 3095, & 9,

1-14-85; Ord. No. 3015, & 1, 1-21-85).

12. A table is provided at the Festival for literature and information regarding not-for-profit arts organizations. Literature distribution of any other sort is not permitted in the Festival area.

13. Exhibitor is an independent contractor and not an employee or agent of the Festival or Santa Fe College. Exhibitor and all Exhibitor personnel shall be employees, agents or subcontractors of Exhibitors and not employees of the Festival. All artists are responsible for collecting the 2016 Florida sales tax on

items sold. Artists are required to mail the proceeds to the local Florida Revenue Commission Office.

14. All entries must be for sale.

15. All work must have been completed since 2012.

16. Artists must exhibit and be present during the entire show from 9am-5:30 pm Saturday and noon-5:00pm Sunday. Failure to comply with this rule renders the artists ineligible for prizes and admission to future shows for a period of five years.

17. All fees are non-refundable, unless Exhibitor documents in writing a personal or immediate family emergency. Clarification of Exhibitor refund policy is solely the decision of the Festival Committee. There will be no refunds due to weather. All decisions are final.

18. The Festival reserves the right to make final interpretation of the rules.

19. “I (vendor) shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations,” with a signature line and vendor/exhibitor’s legibly printed name.