Crested Butte Arts Festival 2016 Agreement

GENERAL RELEASE: I agree to bear all risks and expenses for any losses, theft of, and/or damage to my property while it is in the possession of the Crested Butte Arts Festival, its agents or employees. I hereby release and hold harmless the Crested Butte Arts Festival, their agents and employees, and specifically Juliette Eymere and the Town of Crested Butte from any and all liability.

I understand that although security is provided by the festival, I store my artwork at my own risk within the confines of the Festival. The Crested Butte Arts Festival retains the right to use any images submitted by the artist for promotional use.

I have read and agree to abide by the Festival rules as stated herein.

By submitting this application, I agree to allow my images to be used by the Crested Butte Arts Festival for promotional purposes