Crafts at the Cathedral 2017 Agreement

Exhibitor agrees

To sell only his/her own hand-crafted items;

To sell only work in the category for which s/he was juried;

To have no more than two other people assisting in the booth at any one time;

To set up and take down according to published show schedule;

To provide side and back walls as specified in the prospectus for booth type assigned;

To attend to assigned booth space during show hours;

To refrain from packing up until closing time each day;

To not mark, mutilate, or attach anything to the walls or floors of the Cathedral nave and to leave assigned space clean and free of debris;

To be responsible for the collection and payment of New York State and local sales taxes which are (as of this writing) 8.875% .(Information on licenses to collect taxes is available at (Clothing items up to $110 are tax exempt.)

If using fabric backing, exhibitor agrees that fabric conforms to New York City fire code and has a "class A interior finish rating" where class A refers to having a flame-spread rating of 0 - 25.

The Exhibitor understands that, should he/she be asked to leave the show for violation of any of the above rules, there will be no refund of any fees paid;

The Exhibitor further agrees to hold The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine and the Congregation of St. Saviour free of all responsibility for any damage, injury, theft or other loss sustained by the exhibitor and his/her agents, before, during and after the show.