Halifax Art Festival 2017 Agreement

As a condition of my participating in the Halifax Art Festival, I agree to bear all risk and expense and do hereby release, and forever discharge and hold harmless the Halifax Art Festival (HAF), The Museum of Arts and Sciences (MOAS)  and its MOAS Guild, The Downtown Development Authority, and the City of Daytona Beach, FL, and their agents, employees, volunteers, artist exhibitors, and all co-sponsors from any and all manner of and from personal liability, injury incurred in my display location, claims, theft, damage or loss to my artwork or other personal property, or injury to my person or helpers regardless of cause in conjunction with any and all involvement/participation with the MOAS, MOAS Guild and co-sponsors and the Halifax Art Festival.

By applying to the Halifax Art Festival I understand that I am agreeing to abide by the all rules and regulations, and their interpretation by the organizing members of the MOAS Guild. I also agree to abide by the instructions, as set out in any and all letters of announcements and guidelines of the Halifax Art Festival.  The MOAS Guild committee organizers have the right to expel me as a participant for any inappropriate conduct/behavior which adversely and/or negatively impacts the HAF show experience for other HAF artists, participants, volunteers, and of violation of any stipulations, and that my fees will be non-refundable.

Furthermore I certify that all artwork displayed is my original handcrafted artwork (with collaborator as identified on this application). I understand that the exhibitor tent must meet standards as noted, and I understand that the inclusion of buy/sell or mass-produced items in my display can cause my removal at any time from the Halifax Art Festival without refund. I understand that there will be no refunds if a show is cancelled due to rain, or other adverse weather, or other conditions which affect the safety of the event attendees or vendors. The Application jury fee is nonrefundable.  Booth Fees are to be paid at time of acceptance to the show.  A completed application is a commitment to exhibit at the Halifax Art Festival in Daytona Beach, FL.  I understand that 80% refund of paid booth fees may be obtained prior to September 1st upon written notification by the artist of cancellation.

I understand that absolutely no refunds to exhibitors will be made after Sept 1st.

I acknowledge:

  • The Festival show hours are Saturday Nov 4th 2017 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday Nov 5th 2017 10:00 AM  to 4:00PM

  • Booths in Fine Art Section must be ready for judging on Saturday morning at 8AM

I have read the entire application and all the regulations and I agree to abide by them. If my application is accepted, the Halifax Art Festival and its organizing volunteers of the MOAS Guild are authorized to use my images, biography, information, to reproduce my artwork through the images I have submitted, and images obtained during the previous or current festival for the purpose of promoting, advertising and marketing of the Halifax Art Festival.