River Clay Fine Arts Festival 2017 Agreement

Each exhibitor is responsible for the safety of his/her own display.  It is understood that neither the Board and staff of the River Clay Fine Arts Festival (RCFAF) are to be held liable for damage, theft, or loss of applicants'/exhibitors' slides, work, display materials, or personal property, nor for the injury to exhibitors, or loss or injury caused by products sold or exhibited by participants of the show, directly or through warranty expressed or implied.  Insurance for such loss, damages, or injury shall be the sole responsibility for each exhibitor at his/her own cost.  The above named shall not be held liable for failure to produce or continue the show if such failure is brought about by causes beyond their control.  The RCFAF reserves the right to ask any exhibitor who does not comply with stated policies or causes undue disruption to leave the show at any time without refund of fees.  Your booth payment indicates an agreement to hereby and forever discharge RCFAF from all matters of actions, suits, damages, claims and demands whatsoever in law or equity from any loss or damage to the payee's property while in possession, supervision or auspices of RCFAF representatives or employees.