Edina Art Fair 2018 Agreement

Legal Agreement

The undersigned applicant(s) and/or exhibitor(s) (hereinafter referred to whether an applicant or an exhibitor as “Exhibitor”) agree as follows:

Exhibitor shall comply with all applicable local, state, and federal taxes.

Exhibitor releases and discharges the Edina Art Fair, the 50th & France Business & Professional Association, the City of Minneapolis, the City of Edina, Hennepin County, and all sponsoring organizations and their directors, officers, employees, agents, members and volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damage arising out of or in conjunction with Exhibitor’s application to, or participation in, the 50th & France Business & Professional Association Edina Art Fair. Exhibitor acknowledges that by executing the Artist Application it agrees to comply with Edina Art Fairs rules and regulations, events perspectives, and all the policies set forth herein. Exhibitor agrees that images submitted for jurying are representative of work to be exhibited and that the Edina Art Fair shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to direct Exhibitor to remove any work to which the 50th & France Business & Professional Association Edina Art Fair officials object, and any such work shall be immediately removed by Exhibitor. Exhibitor’s failure to remove such work or to comply with rules and regulations may result in Exhibitor’s removal from the Edina Art Fair and/or exclusion from future participation.


Exhibitor assumes all responsibility and agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and save the 50th & France Business & Professional Association, Edina Art Fair, the City of Edina, and their officers, members, employees, volunteers and agents against all claims, loss or damage to persons or property arising out of or caused by the Exhibitor’s installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the Art Fair premises. Exhibitors are not allowed to leave inventory in their Exhibit booth overnight. Customary precautions to avoid bad checks and thefts are recommended during all hours of the Edina Art Fair. The 50th & France Business & Professional Association, and its agents and assigns shall not be responsible for property loss, damage, personal injury, or other claims related to the Exhibitor’s space.


Exhibitor shall maintain in force insurance covering its property loss, and covering liability for claims of injury to the person and property of others. Exhibitor releases, indemnifies and holds harmless the 50th & France Business Association, the City of Edina, the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, contractors, and contributors from all claims for loss, damage, or destruction of its property or injury to persons and for all costs and expenses associated therewith (including attorney’s fees).

Applications must include all information requested on the Artist Application: 4 images of work, 1 booth image and 1 image for Edina Art Fair promotional use, Artist’s Statement, Art Description, payment of jury and exhibit fees. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Exhibitor(s) are required to display their Artist’s permit in a prominent place within their booths.

All work must be safe, non-toxic and fit for the intended use.

No part of the display, including canopy, can be larger than the space size for which the artist applied and is assigned.

Application or display by dealers or agents is prohibited.

Application and display of imports, buy/sell items or kits is prohibited.

The Edina Art Fair has the right to refuse any application.

Failure to comply with Edina Art Fair policies may make the Exhibitor ineligible for future events. The 50th & France Business & Professional Association/ Edina Art Fair has the right to ask any Exhibitor not in compliance with policies and regulations and uncooperative artists to leave before the event ends without refund of Exhibit booth fees or related expenses.

Finalization of Space Reservation

Assignment of Exhibit space by the 50th & France Business & Professional Association Edina Art Fair is final. The 50th & France Business & Professional Association Edina Art Fair reserves the right to offer or refuse Artist Application.

Please read all rules, regulations, terms and conditions prior to applying. Agreement to this application constitutes agreement of the Exhibitor to comply with all terms and conditions.


Cancellation by an Exhibitor will result in forfeit of booth fees paid to date. In the event the exhibit is cancelled by the Edina Art Fair & 50th & France Business & Professional Association for any reason, the liability of the Edina Art Fair and 50th & France Business & Professional Association shall be limited to a refund of all monies paid by the Exhibitor as exhibit booth rental fee, less Exhibitor’s share of expenses incurred by the Edina Art Fair and 50th and France Business & Professional Association to the date of cancellation. Be prepared for all types of weather – the Edina Art Fair is open rain or shine!

Exhibiting Artist Registration

Exhibiting Artists should plan to register at the Edina Art Fair Headquarters Booth on Thursday at 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm or Friday 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Registering Exhibitors will receive their name tag, exhibitor permit and other pertinent information and must register prior to Exhibit booth set-up. All Exhibit booth personnel must wear an identification badge at all times. Your Exhibitor permit must be clearly displayed in your exhibit booth. The Edina Art Fair Headquarters Booth is located on the south side of the middle parking ramp (see online site map).

Display Materials and Equipment

Exhibitors must provide their own display materials and equipment. Electrical connections are not available for the booths and the use of generators is prohibited. Exhibitors may want to have tie-downs and plastic covers in case of rain or strong winds.

Loading and Unloading

Vehicles may be pulled up for loading or unloading only. Municipality Police Departments allow Exhibitors to pull vehicles at curbside or inside the barricades to load and unload only. Vehicles must be moved 30 minutes before the start of the Art Fair each day. Your Exhibit booth and display may not be set-up until your vehicle has been moved to an authorized parking area. For the safety of your customers and improved traffic flow, please re-position barricades when exiting the barricaded area. Vehicles are not allowed on the street until 5:30 pm on Sunday to pull up for loading until your booth has been fully dismantled.

Exhibitor Parking

Exhibitor parking is available at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Covenant Church, Southdale Shopping Center in the designated lot and Residence Inn Hotel for Exhibitors who have taken advantage of the hotel’s special rates. Parking in other locations (50th & France parking ramps and lots, some city streets, etc.) is not permitted and unauthorized vehicles parked in these and other locations will be tagged and towed. Please comply with posted “NO PARKING SIGNS.”

Special Effects and Presentations

Operational equipment, audio-visual, and sound/attention getting devises, and effects must not interfere with the activities of the event and other Exhibitors. The 50th & France Business & Professional Association Edina Art Fair reserves the right to determine at what point sound constitutes interference and if it must be discontinued.

Conducting Exhibits

The character of the Exhibit is subject to the approval of the 50th & France Business & Professional Association. The 50th & France Business & Professional Association retains the right to refuse the application of Exhibitors not meeting standards required or expected, as well as the right to curtail Exhibits or parts of Exhibits which reflect unfavorably upon the character of the event.

Termination of Exhibitor Rights

In the event the Exhibitor, its contractors, agents, or employees fail to comply with any of the provisions herein, or otherwise detract from the general character of the event, the 50th & France Business & Professional Association shall be permitted and empowered to terminate the Exhibitor’s right hereunder, and evict and remove the Exhibitor and contractors hired by the Exhibitor from the premises, in which event the Exhibitor shall not be entitled to any refund of amounts paid hereunder.

Prohibited Practices

• Canvassing/distributing advertising materials outside of the Exhibitor’s own booth.

• Solicitation of business except by Exhibitors and 50th & France Business & Professional Association members and businesses.

• Entry into another Exhibitor’s booth, examination, or photographing of another Exhibitor’s booth without permission.

• Alcohol consumption on streets or sidewalks.