Francisco's Farm Arts Festival 2018 Agreement

Artist's Agreement

Francisco Farm Art Festival, 2018

I have read and agree to abide by the established rules of the Francisco Farm Art Festival (hereinafter FFAF).  Failure to comply puts me at risk of forfeiture of my exhibition rights and fees paid to FFAF.  A copy of the rules can be found on the FFAF webpage ( under the tab for "Artists."

In consideration for being accepted into the FFAF, I hereby release and forever discharge the Midway Renaissance (hereinafter Renaissance), Midway College, all sponsoring businesses, organizations and their directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers and successors from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damage arising out of my participation in the Festival. I consent to the enforcement of all rules as set forth on the FFAF's ZAPPlication profile and all subsequent correspondence.

I have read and accept the refund policies for festival fees.

I assume all responsibility for my products and for safeguarding my display.

I affirm that my exhibited work will be original in concept and will have been created by me. COMMERCIAL OR IMPORTED ITEMS, ITEMS MADE FROM KITS, OR MASS-PRODUCED ITEMS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Exhibiting work that has any resemblance to such items will subject me to immediate dismissal from the show without reimbursement of fees paid to the FFAF.

Meeting the artists and learning about my work is very important to FFAF patrons. Therefore, if accepted  for participation, I must be present for the entire duration of FFAF. No agents, dealers, or representatives may attend in my place,  including spouses, relatives, etc. At check-in, a photo ID may be required.

I understand that each exhibitor's work will be screened by the Festival Committee members during the Festival. If I am found not to be in compliance or if my works do not reflect the images submitted with my application,  I will be asked to remove the unacceptable items, or, in extreme cases, risk forfeiture of all rights as an exhibitor, including the closing of the booth, with no refund of fees.

I agree that closing the festival during the designated operating hours due to inclement weather or any other reason (including security concerns), will be at the sole discretion of the Festival Management and I agree to strictly adhere to direction of Festival Management.

I agree that displaying unprofessional behavior may result in my being removed from the show. The judgment of the Committee will be final, and no refunds will be given.

I agree and acknowledge that the Artwork consigned to Renaissance pursuant to this Agreement may be photographed and reproduced  by Renaissance and Midway College for  publications, publicity, and educational purposes.

I understand that failure to comply with this Agreement and/or the Rules stated on the FFAF webpage or as part of the Zapplication process may result in my dismissal from the Fair and/or my being prohibited from future participation.


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