Oconomowoc Festival of the Arts 2018 Agreement

Consistency of Artwork: If an artist's work on display is not consistent with the work shown with the application, or if the artist shows more than 25% reproductions or other prohibited items, the artist will be asked to eliminate those items from the booth or may be asked to leave the Festival.  Judgment of the Committee will be final. No refunds will be given.

All work must be designed by the accepted artist. Work done by a production studio is not allowed and 75% or more of the artist's display must consist of the artist's original work. Prints produced in processes involving handwork by the artists will be permitted. No work is allowed that has been prepared with commercial patterns, molds, kits, etc.

This is a rain or shine event. Personal tents should be adjustable for all kinds of weather.  Tents must also be properly staked in case of wind or rain.

The primary (juried) artists will be ID'd at time of registration and MUST be present with their work for the entire two days of the Festival. Collaborating artists will be permitted provided it is a true hands-on artistic collaboration. Assistants who are not collaborators are allowed but must also agree to the rules set forth by the Oconomowoc Festival of The Arts. Collaborating artists must also be present during the entire festival.

* Any artist who leaves before the official end of the show will not be eligible for participation for two years.

*All NO SHOW artists are ineligible to participate in the Festival for two years.

Festival supplied booth signs must be displayed on the outside of the tent by 10:00 AM Saturday morning.  These signs must remain in place for the entire show. You will not be judged if the booth sign is removed.

Applications without booth shots will not be juried. Booth shots must not include artist or business name. If signage is included you will be asked to take it out or you will not be juried. The booth shot should be of an outside booth & not include people. All artists must have a booth set up during the Festival or you will be required to leave.

Artists may not use tents that are larger than 10X10 unless you have paid for a double booth site at the additional charge.  We usually have 6 double booth spots available each year.  If you would like a double booth site, please pay the $500.00 booth fee when accepting your invitation.  Due to the winding path of tent sites throughout the park there are no corner choices.

Entry fee is due at the time of acceptance. If not received we will invite those from the wait list to fill the spot.

You will need a Wisconsin seller's permit number. You can apply directly with the Dept. of Revenue from the web site https://www.revenue.wi.gov/Pages/FAQS/pcs-seller.aspx. You will be required to provide the festival with your WI tax information on your ZAPP application.  We are required by the state of Wisocnsin to supply them with your seller's permit number.