Peters Valley Craft Fair - 48th Annual Agreement

 Exhibitor Contract

48th Annual Peters Valley Craft Fair                                                             

September 29 & 30, 2018


1.) Space Allocated Exhibitor Rental: The Exhibitor shall be entitled to occupy a booth of approximate measurements 10' x 10' subject to the conditions hereinafter specified, at the exhibition to be known as the 48th Annual Peters Valley Craft Fair to be held at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta, New Jersey from September 29-September 30, 2018, plus move-in on September 28th, (said exhibition and sale hereinafter called "The Craft Fair"). Only the Exhibitor may exhibit in the space allotted hereunder except by written permission of Peters Valley. Peters Valley will make available, through the Sussex County Fairgrounds electrician, such electrical outlets as it deems necessary for the displaying of merchandise not to exceed 300 watts per booth. Lighting fixtures and extension cords shall be the responsibility of the Exhibitor. Peters Valley may make any change in the space and facilities allotted and furnished to the Exhibitor hereunder as may be required by the Fire Marshall or any similar public official or body before and during the Craft Fair. The Exhibitor will pay Peters Valley for the rental of such space as the sum of $465.00 for a standard 10' x 10' booth, $525.00 for a 10' x 10' corner booth and $345.00 for each booth in addition to a standard or corner booth. A 50% deposit is payable by cash, check or credit card no later than June 1, 2018 with the remaining balance due July 31st. If the Exhibitor shall fail to make such payment when due, he or she shall, at the option of Peters Valley, forfeit his or her right in and to the use of such space.


2. Cancellation of Contract: Either party may cancel this contract by written notice only to the other party received no later than August 1, 2018. Such notice to Peters Valley shall be mailed to Peters Valley School of Craft, Attn: Craft Fair, 19 Kuhn Road, Layton, NJ 07851, and such notice to the Exhibitor to the address written on application. Upon timely receipt of such notice of cancellation from Exhibitor, Peters Valley shall refund to the Exhibitor any payment made pursuant to Section 1 hereof based on the following: Exhibitors canceling prior to July 1st will have their money refunded minus a $100 processing and cancellation fee. Exhibitors cancelling July 1 – July 31 will have their money refunded less a $200 cancellation fee. Exhibitors cancelling after August 1st will receive no refunds. Application fees are not refundable. If the Exhibitor shall fail to exhibit in the Craft Fair without having given such notice of cancellation, or shall be removed there from pursuant to Section 6 hereof, the Exhibitor’s payment hereunder shall be retained by Peters Valley.


3. Cancellation of Show: If the Sussex County Fairgrounds is not available for the Exhibitor’s purposes at the time the Show is scheduled, due to fire, flood, damage by the elements, or other unavoidable catastrophe, or the act of any governmental office, agent or body having any such cancellation power, Peters Valley shall refund to the Exhibitor all sums paid to it hereunder, and, after making such refund, shall be relieved of further liability hereunder.


4. Attendance: Peters Valley shall not be responsible for and does not give any guarantee as to attendance at the Craft Fair, and shall have sole control of the terms of attendance, including the admission fees to be charged.


5. Sales of Merchandise: Exhibitors agree to bring sufficient inventory to be sold over the period Saturday through Sunday to an anticipated crowd of 7,000. All merchandise exhibited at the Craft Fair by the Exhibitor shall be exhibited for sale, and all sales thereof shall be made for the account of the Exhibitor.


6. Rules and Regulations: Peters Valley may make such reasonable rules and regulation from time to time before and during the Craft Fair, as it deems necessary or desirable. The Exhibitor will be advised thereof to the extent possible prior to the opening of the Craft Fair and will be advised during the course of the Craft Fair of any additional rules, regulation or requirements made pursuant hereto. Any violations by the Exhibitor, its employees, agents or representatives, of such rules and regulation, or any conduct by the Exhibitor, its employees, agents or representatives, which in the opinion of Peters Valley is objectionable or detracts from the dignity of the Craft Fair, shall constitute a breach of this agreement, and in any such event, without waiving any other right on account thereof, Peters Valley may exclude or remove from the Craft Fair the Exhibitor or any or all of its employees, agents or representatives or property. Peters Valley may order withdrawn from the Craft Fair any item of the Exhibitor which in Peters Valley’s opinion does not qualify. The decision of Peters Valley in connection with any action taken by it or on its behalf pursuant to the Section 6 shall be final and binding.


7. Exhibitor’s Indemnity: The Exhibitor hereby indemnifies Peters Valley and the Sussex County Fairgrounds, all sponsoring organizations, their directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damage arising out of my participation in the Peters Valley Craft Fair and all persons acting for it and agrees to hold it and them harmless in respect to all liabilities arising from the Exhibitor’s participation in connection with the Craft Fair including, without limitation of the generally of the foregoing, tax liabilities with respect to the sale of items sold by the Exhibitor’s employees and agents, liabilities of any nature on account of injury, or damage to person or property and liabilities with respect to the value, quality, condition or authenticity of items sold by the Exhibitor, or to any statements or warranties made by the Exhibitor to purchasers thereof.


8. Admission to the Show Premises: The Exhibitor, its agents and employees will be permitted on the grounds of the Craft Fair at hours other than those during which the Craft Fair shall be opened to the public only upon showing proper identification, in a form to be prescribed and furnished by Peters Valley.


9. Liability for Personal Injury and Property Damage Waiver: Neither Peters Valley nor any person acting for it shall be liable for injury or damage to, or loss, mysterious disappearance or theft of, any property of the Exhibitor, its agents or representatives, or any personal injury, regardless of cause thereof, and by execution of this agreement the Exhibitor waives any claims against Peters Valley and the Sussex County Fairgrounds of such persons based on any such alleged liability.


10. Insurance: All exhibitors, in order to participate, are required to carry general liability insurance with limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and name Peters Valley School of Craft and the Sussex County Fairgrounds as additional insured parties for September 29 – September 30, 2018. A certificate of insurance from your insurance company as proof of this coverage is required. If you do not carry this insurance you can purchase the coverage through Peters Valley at a cost of $50. Anyone failing to provide proof of insurance or payment by September 7th will be automatically charged the $50 fee to be covered. Bringing a copy of your insurance to the event without having submitted it prior to September 7th, will not erase this charge.


12. Agreement not to be Assigned: This agreement shall not be assignable by either party hereto, but it shall be binding upon the successors or assigns of Peters Valley and upon the heirs; administrators, executors, successors and the Exhibitor as the case may be.