Art and the Vineyard Festival 2018 Agreement


Although 24-hour security will be provided on the festival grounds, Maude Kerns Art Center, Event Management Consultants, LLC, or the City of Eugene are not responsible for loss, theft, destruction or damage to property or person. All artists, vendors, and contractors (“Associates”) are responsible for providing their own property insurance.


Maude Kerns Art Center, Event Management Consultants, LLC, and the City of Eugene relieve themselves from any and all actions, claims, demands, and/or damages arising from any accident transpiring during the entirety of the festival. Associate(s) are responsible for providing their own liability insurance. This insurance must cover any person who is employed by/or assisting the principal person, with or without compensation. Associate(s) shall indemnify and hold harmless Maude Kerns Art Center, Event Management Consultants, LLC, and the City of Eugene from any and all loss or damage to persons or property which Associate(s) may suffer on account of any accident or occurrence.