Downtown Art & Craft Market 2018 - Salt Lake City Agreement

I certify that I make my own product in Utah and will sell only that product at the Downtown Art & Craft Market. I also certify that I am not purchasing and reselling product or acting as an agent for another artist or craft vendor. I understand that if I engage in reselling product that I did not make myself, I will be asked to leave the Downtown Art and Craft Market without refund and will not be able to apply for readmission to the Market.

I understand that the Market Manager may request an inspection of my workspace or studio to assure that products I’m selling are produced as required in the Market guidelines. If a discrepancy is apparent a written warning will be issued and any inappropriate products will be ineligible for sale at the Art & Craft Market. If I am found in violation of the guidelines a second time during the season the Market Manager may deny my access to the Market for the remainder of the season. Any fees will be non-refundable.

By submitting this application I agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Downtown Art & Craft Market Guidelines. Vendors in violation of these guidelines may forfeit their participation without a refund.