Winter Springs Festival of the Arts presents ARToberFEST! 2018 Agreement


1. All work must be original, hand-crafted, created and exhibited by the approved artists/exhibitors themselves and must be attributed solely to a displaying artist. No art supplies, picture frames, commercial photography kits, commercial patterns, coin, jewelry or works cast in commercial molds, mass-produced items, imports, or buy-resale will be accepted or displayed. This rule is strictly enforced.

2. All works must be for sale or available for commission.

3. All applicants’ work will be reviewed, juried or screened prior to acceptance. Any media not approved during the application process that appears in your booth at the event will be removed.

4. All applications require three (3) images of your work, plus one (1) image of your outdoor display. Indoor displays will not be accepted.

5. Application fees are not refundable. There is no refund for a canceled show for any reason.

6. An artist/exhibitor may enter in more than one category. However, an application must be submitted for each category.

7. Deadline for entry is July 12, 2018

8. All entrants will be notified of their acceptance or rejection on or about August 12, 2018.

9. If you are accepted into the show, the booth fee must be paid no later than August 27, 2018. 

10. All artist/exhibitor cancellations must be by e-mail.

11. An accepted application and payment of the booth fee is a commitment to display your work during all scheduled hours of the show.

12. Displays must be professional and esthetically pleasing. All tents must be white and all racks must be covered. Hand-written signs and sale signs are strictly prohibited. Ribbons from other shows may not be displayed.

13. Artists/Exhibitors will leave their exhibit space clean after packing up at breakdown. If your space is not clean after an event, this could result in expulsion from future shows.

14. The approved artist/exhibitor will occupy his/her booth at all times. No subletting or sharing of space is permitted. No representatives are allowed.

15. Tents. Artists/Exhibitors are responsible for supplying their own tents and for making their tents sturdy against the wind, rain, etc. Tents must be manufactured with flame-retardant materials. Staking into the pavement will not be permitted.

16. Artists/Exhibitors will receive a booth space of approximately 12x12 feet. Exhibitors will not take up any additional booth space. “Booth Space” is defined as space only. Artists must provide their own booth, frames, tents and support structures.

17. Booth assignments are at the sole discretion of the Art Festival management.

18. The artist’s/exhibitor’s space shall be occupied by 8:30 a.m. on the morning of the show, or you will be considered a no show and your space may be given away with no refund or credit. All vehicles must be removed from the show area by 9:30 a.m., unless otherwise specified. Setup and breakdown times will be strictly enforced. Any person closing his/her booth before the scheduled closing time on Sunday shall be disqualified from future shows.

19. All artist/exhibitors must check in at the registration booth to sign the required release and obtain a booth assignment and identification card before they set up their exhibit. A booth identification card must be attached to the upper left corner of the display space at all times during the show.

20. Booth setup time will be allowed on Friday before the festival from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and from 6:00 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. VERY IMPORTANT: These will be the only times an artist will be allowed access to the booth space to unload.

21. Without exception, artists/exhibitors’ vehicles will not be allowed on site after the setup times specified above.

22. Security will be provided for booth space on Friday and Saturday. Security is not provided for artwork.

23. Each exhibitor is solely responsible for collecting the applicable 7% sales tax and filing the report with the local department of revenue.

24. Pets are prohibited on the festival site. Absolutely no pets will be allowed. Service dogs are not considered pets for this rule.

25. The show management reserves the right to make the final interpretation of all of the rules and regulations.

26. Displays will be reviewed by the Art Festival Viewing Committee at intervals throughout the festival. The viewing committee shall have the sole discretion to require the removal of a work which violates festival rules. Artists/exhibitors refusing to cooperate with festival rules may be required to remove their exhibit immediately and no fees will be refunded.

27. Artists/Exhibitors shall display only of the same category, type and physical characteristic as that submitted with the application. The Art Festival Viewing Committee shall have the absolute right of discretion to determine whether or not the work on display is sufficiently similar to photographs/slides submitted and applicant shall be bound thereby.

28. The Art Festival Management reserves the right to prohibit the display of any works which it determines, at its sole discretion, to be inconsistent with the family image and purpose intended for the festival. Work which is, in the exclusive opinion of the viewing committee, lacking in redeeming social value and inappropriate will not be allowed. Anyone insisting on the display of such work will be asked to leave and the entry fee will be forfeited.

29. By paying the application and booth fees the artist/exhibitor agrees to the terms of the release shown below and agrees to sign a copy of it at registration. Signing the release is a prerequisite to being allowed to set up and display. For a balanced show, the Art Festival Management has the right to merge categories.


As an exhibitor in the 2018 Winter Springs Festival of the Arts, I agree to the rules of the show and:

I further agree to discharge, release, indemnify and hold harmless the Winter Springs Festival of the Arts and the Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce and their respective agents and employees and any other partners, ventures, agents, representatives, servants, officers, directors, shareholders, employees, successors and assigns of any of the foregoing, and all co-sponsors from any and all manner of actions, suits, product liability, losses, damages or claims, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, whatsoever arising now or in the future, from any loss or damage or claims to the personal property of the undersigned while in the possession or under the supervision of the sponsors during the festival and while entering, leaving, parking or parked of all art work stored or being transported in and out of the festival area.

I also agree to hold harmless those named above from any damage to the undersigned’s property or any personal injury which he/she or helpers may sustain during setup, dismantling or while participating in the 2018 Winter Springs Festival of the Arts.

I also understand that the neither the 2018 Winter Springs Festival of the Arts, nor any of the above-named parties carries any insurance to cover my personal property. As an independent contractor, I am advised to carry my own insurance.

I hereby consent to the enforcement of all of the rules of the event.