The Arts Festival of Carrollton 2018 (formerly MeccaFest) Agreement

As an entrant to this festival, I accept the decision of the Jury as final and will exhibit per the rules if selected.  Entrant hereby releases the Carrollton Artist Guild and members, Carrollton Center for the Arts staff, volunteers, managers, Art Festival director, and associates, and the City of Carrollton from any and all responsibility, personal liability (injury), loss damage or legal action that may arise or occur to exhibitor, his/her goods, property or the public from any condition whatsoever during the preparation and set-up and duration of the festival exhibit under this agreement.  The entrant is solely responsible for his/her property during said exhibit.  Entrant is responsible for the collection of state and local taxes.  All work displayed must be designed and executed by the applicant. Accepted artists must be present both days, or any award money will be forfeited.