Winona Art Fair 2019 Agreement

  • By applying to the Winona Art Fair, I certify that I understand, and agree to adhere to, the rules and regulations set forth by the Winona Art Fair.

  • I certify that my application includes only original work created by my own hand or by myself and the co-artist(s)/collaborator(s) indicated on the application. I agree that I will exhibit predominantly original work that is for sale, and that the work will be current and representative of the art submitted for application, within the parameters outlined under “Rules and Regulations” on the ZAPP application website for the Winona Art Fair.

  • I agree to limit reproductions displayed to no more than 20% of the booth space and no more than 20% of the number of total pieces displayed in the booth.

  • I release and hold harmless The Winona Art Fair, the Village at Winona, its employees, affiliates and volunteers for any liability, loss or damages that I or others in attendance may incur. 

  • I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own insurance and understand that The Art Fair and its affiliates, including the Village at Winona, art fair volunteers, and shopkeepers will not provide coverage for me, my property, my affiliates, co-artists/collaborators, helpers, or others who may assist or accompany me during the Art Fair.

  • I agree to allow the Winona Art Fair and The Village At Winona to use the images included with my application for promotional and other purposes.

  • I agree that I will be present throughout the show and will not tear down the exhibit before the end of the show.  I understand that The Village at Winona and the Winona Art Fair representatives reserve the right to expel me and my affiliates from the Art Fair for any violation of the Rules and Regulations, at their discretion, and to prohibit my future exhibiting at the Winona Art Fair.