Frederick Festival of the Arts 2019 - The 26th Annual Agreement

RELEASE: I hereby release and forever discharge the Frederick Arts Council, Inc., the City of Frederick, all sponsoring organizations and their directors, officers, employees, agents, and volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss in damage arising out of or in conjunction with my participation in the FFOTA. FFOTA is not responsible for any injury sustained by exhibitors or guests while within area designated for exhibits. Further, I understand that I store my artwork at my own risk.

By signing this application form, Applicant acknowledges having received and read the 2019 FFOTA Prospectus/Application and agrees to abide by all rules set forth herein. Applicant agrees that images for jurying are representative of work to be exhibited at the FFOTA and gives the FFOTA permission to use photographs or depictions of work from such images or display for Festival promotional purposes. This includes photos of the Applicant and the Applicant's booth.