Spring 2019 Fine Craft Fair at Rittenhouse Square | Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Agreement

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: In no event shall the Pennsylvania  Guild of Craftsmen or Pennsylvania Designer Craftsmen ( PGC/PDC), its employees, officers, directors, representatives, volunteers, and/or agents be held liable for refunds, claims or any other liabilities for failure to produce the Fine Craft Fair due to circumstances beyond PGC/PDC control including, but not limited to: weather, fire, acts of God, tort, strikes, legal action, site damage or cancellation, governmental actions, or other causes.

INSURANCE: for loss, damage, injury, or liability is the applicant/exhibitor's responsibility.

TERMS, CONDITIONS & RULES : I, the applicant, do expressly release the producer, PGC/PDC, its employees and subcontractors, the Owners of the show sites, Co-Producers, Sponsors and Volunteers from any and all liability for any damage, injury or loss to any person or goods which may arise from participation in the event(s).


If this application is accepted I give permission to use my name, business name, images submitted, website and its content and any photographs or videotape taken at the Fine Craft Fairs of me or my items for advertising and/or publicity purposes. I make this application in good faith and am ready, willing and able to participate in the event(s) upon acceptance.

I understand notification of acceptance into the event(s) implies a contract with all the duties, fees and obligations incumbent therein. An exhibitor's failure to accept and pay for their booth by the closing date listed on Zapplication means a forfeiture of their space in the said Fine Craft Fair.


PAYMENTS: All Fine Craft Fair payments must made via Zapplication by or before the due date(s) specified for each event. Your application submission is your commitment to participation in the Fine Craft Fair. Booth space is not guaranteed until payment in full is received.


WAITLIST: If placed on the waitlist. Your payment will not be due or processed until you are added and confirmed for the show

CANCELLATIONS: Payment of booth and/or other fees to the PGC or its representative for a PDC event are binding on the applicant and the PDC. If an confirmed exhibitor elects to withdraw from an event, there will be no refunds of any fees associated with the event. 

All cancellations must be made in writing via email to paguildshows@gmail.com

Emergency Exception Provision: The PDC recognizes that certain catastrophic events outside the applicant’s control, unforeseeable, and of a significant nature warrant review and consideration for exception to the refund policy. Such situations might include, but not be limited to, serious illness requiring hospitalization, death of immediate family member, or catastrophic loss of inventory due to fire, flood, or other disaster. In these cases, the accepted exhibitor or their representative should make a detailed request to the show manager, including the reason for the withdrawal. Show manager will present the request to the PDC board, who will review and determine the response. The decision of the PDC board will be final.

I have read the Fine Craft Fair rules and I agree to abide by said rules, payment schedules and cancellation schedules.