Hibiscus Festival Fine Art and Fine Craft Show 2019 Agreement


I hereby agree to INDEMNIFY, RELEASE, and HOLD HARMLESS the Main Street Vero Beach Organization-Hibiscus Festival-Hibiscus Festival Juried Fine Art and Fine Craft Show and the City of Vero Beach and the Officers, Directors, Agents, Leagues, and Employees of these entities from and against any and all rights, actions, causes of action, suits, losses, damages, judgments, claims, claims of liabilities, costs and expenses of any kind as well as attorney’s fees and court costs at trial and on appeal, of whatsoever kind or nature to which these entities and individuals may be subjected to as a result of any death, personal injury or damage to property arising in any manner from my direct or indirect participation in the Main Street Vero Beach Hibiscus Festival, including any such rights, actions, causes of action ,suits, losses, damages, judgments, claims, and claims of liabilities arising out of or resulting from the negligence of these entities or any of their agents, servants, employees or any independent contractors acting on their behalf. I further agree that this Hold Harmless Agreement shall apply in the event I am disabled, injured, or incur disease of a temporary or permanent nature while participating in, or die as a result of participating in, this activity, regardless of the cause including negligence of the above reference entities, their agents, servants, employees or independent contractors.

This Agreement has been delivered electronically by ZAPP for Main Street Vero Beach. Main Street Vero Beach is in the County of Indian River, State of Florida and the agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Florida and venue for any action arising from this agreement shall be Indian River County, Florida. This agreement may not be modified or amended nor shall any provision of it be waived. By checking agree, the undersigned further certifies that he/she is the responsible person referred to in the rules and that he/she is authorized to execute on behalf of the individual or business. I understand that I will not be considered for participation or allocated space until this documentation is on file with ZAPP on behalf of Main Street Vero Beach. I certify that I have fully read and understand the contents of this application and that I fully agree to all of its terms.