East Lansing Art Festival 2019 Agreement


Terms & Conditions: RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. By submitting this application the applicant hereby releases and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the East Lansing Art Festival (ELAF), the City of East Lansing, ELAF Board of Directors, their staff, agents, employees, volunteers and vendors from any and all claims for damages to artwork, personal property or for any personal injury which he/she or helpers may sustain while participating in the ELAF. The artist understands that the ELAF does not carry insurance to cover loss of or damage to artwork and/or personal property. As independent contractors, each exhibiting artist is advised to obtain their own insurance.

Further, the artist agrees to abide by the rules of participation as listed in this application, and all policies and guidelines developed by the ELAF Board of Directors. The artist understands that failure to follow these rules can mean expulsion from this year's festival and/or future festivals.

The ELAF cannot be held responsible for loss of artwork, or loss of sales due to weather conditions or festival cancellation. Exhibiting artists must take into account festival weekend weather conditions and make arrangements to protect their artwork and weight their booth tent against strong winds, (ELAF cannot provide tent weights). The ELAF is a rain or shine festival. In the event of severe weather the ELAF Board of Directors will monitor weather service reports and will alert exhibitors and patrons in the event of festival cancellation, and evacuation if necessary.


Participating artist exhibitors give permission to the ELAF to use their image and images of their work in the promotion of the ELAF.