Casa Grande Fine Art Explosion 2019 Agreement

By executing this agreement, Artist state and acknowledges receipt of the Casa Grande Art Explosion. Application and agrees to be bound by all rules and condition set forth therein. Artist further agrees that images submitted for review by the festival jury are representative of the work to be exhibited at the festival. If the Casa Grande Main Street determines, in its sole discretion, that any work exhibited by the Artist does not conform to the standards set forth, the Artist agrees to remove such work from the booth space immediately upon request of the staff. Failure to remove such work or otherwise comply with all applicable rules and procedures may result in the immediate expulsion the Artist from the event without refund to or recourse by the Artist. Artist agrees that submitted images and Artist information may be used by Casa Grande Main Street for promotional purpose. Artist hereby releases Casa Grande Main Street and the City of Casa Grande from any and all liability on account of personal injury or property damage caused by theft, fire, public catastrophe, acts of God or any other cause Artist agrees to indemnify Casa Grande Main Street and City of Casa Grande if it suffers any loss or damage on account of any act on their part. Artist agrees that Casa Grande Main Street at its sole discretion may prohibit the conduct of any activity whatsoever which it deems detrimental and not in the best interest of the festival. Artist has read and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the festival and to obey the Laws of the State of Arizona and the City of Casa Grande. Artist understands there will be no refunds made after 30 calendar days before the festival (specific date is listed in the application.) Artist agrees The Casa Grande Main Street has my permission to publish photographs or videos taken of me, my booth and my artwork during the event, past or future.