Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show - 15th Annual, September 2019 Agreement


It is the policy of the RSFAA to provide fair treatment for all prospective and displaying artists. Each prospective artist will be juried based upon objective qualification, without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other classification protected by federal law and/or the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


It is further the firm policy and commitment of the RSFAA to ensure that all displaying artists have the right to participate in our show in an environment that is free from sexual harassment or intimidation. Verbal or physical conduct by any artist that harasses or disrupts another artist, or creates an intimidating, offensive, abusive or hostile environment will not be tolerated. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature are specifically prohibited. Any artist who engages in such conduct will be immediately and permanently barred from further participation in the show at the sole discretion of the Board.



Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited by City Ordinance in Rittenhouse Square Park. Therefore, no artist can consume or possess, with the intent to consume, any Alcoholic Beverage of any kind while exhibited at the Show. Any artist who is found to be in violation of this provision is subject to losing her or her right to participate in the Show, at the sole discretion of the Board.



I understand that by submitting this application, I have fully read and agree to comply completely with all rules and regulations of the Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Show, as they are interpreted and enforced by the Board of Directors of the Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Association (RSFAA).  If requested, I agree to remove any artwork or display materials deemed unsuitable by the RSFAA.  I further understand that any failure on my part to comply with any rules and regulations of the RSFAA may result in my being prohibited from exhibiting during the event and/or in future events at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.  In consideration of acceptance to one or both shows, I agree to forever discharge, release and hold harmless the Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Association, Department of Parks & Recreation, Friends of Rittenhouse Square, the Philadelphia Parking Authority, or the City of Philadelphia and any and other agents, servants, employees, principals, successors and assigns of any of the foregoing entities, for any damage, loss or injury that I may suffer, resulting from my participation in any show, and waive any claim, lawsuit, or cause of action of any kind against these entities. I also agree to assume sole, exclusive, and personal liability for any damage, loss, or injury that I may cause to any person(s) or property during my participation in any show.  Furthermore, I agree to assume sole, exclusive, and personal liability for any damage, loss, or injury that may be caused by any other person, including but not limited to spouse, partner, relative, friend or acquaintance assisting me in any aspect of the display and/or sale of my work.



I give permission to the RSFAA to use my images that I have submitted for publicity purposes.  The first image submitted will likely be used in the show program, website and name badge.



I understand that this is an ORIGINALS ONLY fine art show!  No reproductions of any kind are acceptable for display or sale.  No posters, note cards, t-shirts, books, calendars, photography, or computer art may be shown, sold or promoted.  Only work created by the artist may be displayed and all work must be for sale.  All work must be of the same or better quality than the artwork submitted for jury.   No work may be priced below $35.00.



I understand that NO FUNCTIONAL WORK of any kind may be shown, displayed or sold at this event.  Excluded work includes, but is not limited to: jewelry, t-shirts, plates, cups, bowls, clothing, hats, pottery, vases, vessels, jars, dishes, lamps or furniture and mirrors.



I understand that payment of my booth fee is a commitment to participate in this RSFAA show.  In the event of an emergency, artists must request a refund of their booth fee in writing to the Board.  Artists who cancel 60 days prior to a show will receive a 75% refund of the booth fee.  After this date, refunds will only be considered if extenuating circumstances are presented in writing.  These circumstances will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and a decision will be made whether or not a full or partial refund will be given.