Lakefront Festival of Art 2019 Agreement

By submitting this prospectus, the artist agrees that his/her juried and exhibited work is original and meets the rules set forth in this prospectus, and that the artist has had direct hands-on involvement in the making of each of these works. The artist agrees that images of the artist’s work may be used for event public relation purposes, including but not limited to the LFOA web site and program.

Submitting this prospectus further constitutes acceptance of the rules, policies and statements contained herein, and the artist’s agreement to be bound by all such rules and conditions. All procedures and rules expressed in this prospectus will be strictly enforced. LFOA has sole discretion in determination and acceptability of all rules and requirements. All booths are subject to review by the rules committee throughout the festival. Artists exhibiting work that is not consistent with submitted images, or not complying with festival rules or policies, shall be immediately removed by the artist from the booth at the request of LFOA. Non-compliance with any festival rules, as determined by LFOA officials, may result in the exhibitor’s expulsion from the show (without refund to or recourse by the artist) and in the sole discretion of LFOA, ineligibility for future participation.

LFOA and its sponsors/volunteers and the Milwaukee Art Museum are not responsible for, nor liable in any way for, personal injury or the loss or damage of any works of art or personal property belonging to any artist. LFOA is not responsible for any injury sustained by exhibitors or guests while within the space designated for exhibits. Furthermore, Applicant/Artist understands that storage and display of art is at his/her own risk without exception or limitation. By submitting this application, the artist releases and holds harmless LFOA/MAM from any claims relating to injury or damage.