Grant Park Summer Shade Festival 2019 Agreement

The Festival determines operating rules and procedures based on our permits and regulations set forth by city ordinance, to provide a cohesive well-managed event, to provide for the safety and protection of attendees/participants and to protect the public space from undo harm or damage. The Festival expects all artists/vendors/sponsors to observe the operating rules.

If selected as an artist or vendor to participate in the 17th Annual Grant Park Summer Shade Festival, I understand and will adhere to all operating rules and procedures listed/initialed below and any others that may be provided at a later date.

  • My booth will be open for business during all hours as set by the Festival.

  • This is an outdoor event. It is my responsibility to prepare for weather contingencies. The Festival determines at what point artists may close their booths.

  • I will attach sufficient weight on all corners of my tent to prevent my tent from becoming a missile in the event of high winds. I want to protect my work, the work of other artists around me and protect the safety of the public, fellow exhibitors, Festival staff, etc.

  • I will not stake my tent or any other items in the ground or tie my tent to trees, shrubs, or other objects in the public park.

  • Load-In is Friday, August 23, 2019 (unless I receive advance notice of a change) and I will adhere to times and instructions in order to help with an orderly set up.

  • I will never drive my vehicle on grass or turf. All wheels of my vehicle will remain on asphalt or other hard surface at all times.

  • I will pick-up/clean up around my booth space before leaving the Festival on Sunday evening. I will follow the rule of "leave it better and cleaner than when I found it".

  • I understand fees paid help the Festival in the overall production of the event — marketing/promotion, sanitation, security, staging, signage, etc. If I need to withdraw from the Festival I will do so in writing prior to August 1, 2019. The Festival will withhold a $50 administration fee. I understand that after August 1, no refunds are available.

  • I understand the Festival is licensed by the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia to sell alcoholic beverages during the event. Possession or sale of alcoholic beverages by unauthorized vendors will result in immediate removal of the offending artist/vendor. There is no refund of fees to offending artists/vendors.

  • I will show/sell my work as represented in the application submitted. The Festival reserves the right to closeand/or remove artists who attempt to show/sell products/works not listed in the application or the work of other artists. Booth sharing is not permitted without the express written permission of the Festival.

  • Buy/Sell is strictly forbidden in the juried market and may be allowed on a limited basis (but only with the review and permission of the Festival) in the non juried market.

  • I will make alternate arrangements for my pets and understand I can not bring them into the Festival production area during the run of the show.

  • Exhibitors are required to use white tents. All tents must be treated with fire retardant material. Exhibitors must, upon request, show flammability certificate or manufacturer's tag. I can provide this information and will have it available at all times during the festival. Failure to provide this information can result in the Atlanta Fire Department closing my booth.