Bethesda Row Arts Festival 2019 Agreement



I have read the application instructions and agree to abide by the rules and the terms set forth in this application.


I assume all responsibility for my products and for safeguarding my display. Should the festival close during the designated operating hours due to inclement weather or for any other reason (including security concerns) at the sole discretion of Festival Management, I hereby agree to strictly adhere to the direction of Festival Management.


In exchange for permission to participate in the Bethesda Row Arts Festival, Artist agrees to indemnify, release, forever discharge and hold harmless, the Bethesda Row Arts Festival, Federal Realty Investment Trust, Bethesda Row, Street Retail Inc., Montgomery County, MD, Reel Plan LLC, and Deutsch, Inc. dba DTA Global, all sponsoring organizations, and each of their directors, officers,  employees, agents and volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damage of any kind, or expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising out of or related to Artist’s application to and participation in the Bethesda Row Arts Festival. This includes but is not limited to special, direct, indirect incidental or consequential damages for injuries of any kind, including but not limited to loss of life or limbs, loss of personal or business income, physical damages, or any other loss whether or not foreseeable. Neither Artist, nor anyone acting on the Artist’s behalf will bring or maintain any suit in any court to assert a claim against the Bethesda Row Arts Festival, Federal Realty Investment Trust, Bethesda Row, Street Retail Inc., Montgomery County, MD, Reel Plan LLC, and Deutsch, Inc. dba DTA Global, their directors, officers agents, employees or other person, for any claim that Artist might have arising out of Artists application to or participation in the Bethesda Row Arts Festival.

Artist is solely responsible for any injuries Artist incurs in connection with the Bethesda Row Arts Festival and for any damage that is done to Artist’s Art or personal property and will obtain personal insurance, if needed. 


I agree to accept all decisions of the jury as final.


I agree to allow the Bethesda Row Arts Festival use of images & other promotional materials (including photographs and videotapes) taken during the festival for purposes of promoting the festival in this and future years. I agree that the digital images submitted are representative of my work.


Festival Management reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to advise me of any work that does not meet the standards set forth, and I agree that such work will be immediately removed upon request by Festival Management, and its designated officials associated with the event. Failure to remove such work upon request, to cooperate with Festival Staff, to comply with the Festival rules, may result in my removal from the Festival and/or my being prohibited from future participation.


Artists must personally attend their booth for the duration of the festival. Because of the possibility of inclement or dangerous weather, Festival Management has the right to close the Festival early on either festival day, if necessary. Artists are not permitted to leave the festival early unless directed by festival management. Artists who do so risk not being invited back.

The Artist shall be deemed at all times to be an independent contractor and not for any purpose an employee or agent of the Promoter, and the Artist agrees not to make any representation to the contrary.  

This Agreement shall be interpreted and the rights of the parties shall be determined under the laws of the State of Maryland.

Failure of one or more terms or provisions contained herein through operation of law or otherwise shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms and provisions.


This Agreement shall become effective when executed electronically, and shall be binding upon the Artist.


I understand that Festival Management reserves the right to revise these regulations and/or terminate this agreement at its sole discretion.