Wausau Festival of Arts 2019 Agreement

Wausau Festival of Arts presents artists' hand-original work, not the work of mass production studios. No work that utilizes commercial kits, molds, patterns, plans or prefabricated pieces is allowed.

The Festival of Arts committee reserves the right to refuse exhibition of work not consistent with submitted images and these guidelines. You may not exhibit work purchased from other artists for resale.

The Festival's mission is to promote the original work of each artist. Although we do not allow work that has been prepared with commercial patterns, molds, kits etc., we are allowing artists to sell a limited number of mechanically reproduced prints of original work. We request that the majority of work displayed be original. The Quality Committee reserves the right to deny exhibition of work that was not reflected in submitted images. All work displayed must be for sale, with the price clearly marked.

As an artist, you accept the rules and regulations regarding your participation in the Wausau Festival of Arts, 2019. You agree to be responsible for providing your own display materials. You agree to display your work during all the hours the Festival is open. You will not hold the Festival of Arts, Inc. responsible for any loss, theft of, or damage to your property and/or person regardless of cause. You agree to advertise your art in a way that does not detract from other vendors.

You agree to either accept or deny an invitation by the Wausau Festival of Arts to participate by midnight (CST) June 1, 2019. No reply after this date will assume a “declined” status; thus automatically removing you from entering the Festival of Arts 2019.