Glen Lake Woman's Club Art Fair 2019 Agreement

By submitting this application the applicant (artist) understands, and agrees to the rules, terms, and conditions under which he/she will be allowed to participate in the Glen Lake Woman's Club Art Fair (GLWCAF). In consideration of being allowed to participate in the GLWCAF, the artist agrees for his/her executors, administrators, and assigns to release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless the Glen Lake Woman's Club and the Township of Glen Arbor and their assigns, agents, servants, volunteers, and employees of and from all claims or courses of action which may hereafter exist by reason of any loss, damage to property or personal injury which may be sustained by the undersigned or partners/employees/helpers of the undersigned in consequence of being allowed to participate as an exhibitor in the GLWCAF.

The artist understands that the Glen Lake Woman's Club does not carry insurance to cover personal property of artists. Artists are advised to obtain their own insurance as an independent contractor. Outside exhibitors may set up the night before, but the fair does not provide any overnight security and artist waives all liability for items left overnight.

Artist understands that as an independent contractor, artist will be responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax directly to the State of Michigan.

By applying to the art fair, the artist verifies that he/she is directly involved with each piece of work to be exhibited, and agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations stated on the ZAPP event listing for the GLWCAF. Artist understands and agrees that there is no refund for the jury fee and that booth fees are not refundable after May 15.

Acceptance into the GLWCAF gives the Glen Lake Women's Club permission to use artist’s information and images for publicity purposes, unless the artist states otherwise in the "Other Information" section of the application.

Signature: Artist has read, understand and agrees to the rules, regulations and criteria as stated in this application. Artist's submission of this application serves as signature and agreement to the conditions established herein.