Kohler Arts Center: Midsummer Festival of the Arts 2019 Agreement

By submitting this application, I agree that my juried and exhibited work is original and meets the rules set forth in the prospectus, and that I have had hands-on involvement in making all of these works. The work I am submitting for this festival is not the same or substantially similar to work I have with national retailers, either online or in brick and mortar settings.

I also agree to be bound by all rules, policies, and statements herein. I understand and agree that by submitting this application and images, the John Michael Kohler Arts Center may photograph and/or videotape the artist, their work(s), and/or their booth(s) and use such images and/or recordings for archival and publicity purposes.

The John Michael Kohler Arts Center is neither responsible nor liable for personal injury or loss/damage of works of art or personal property belonging to any artist. I, the artist, release and hold harmless the Arts Center/Sheboygan Arts Foundation, their officers, directors, staff, volunteers, and agents from any claims including attorneys' fees relating to such personal injury or damage.