Cain Park Arts Festival 2019 Agreement

I attest that the work is my own design and crafted by me or under my direct supervision; that the work I bring will be similar in quality and style to the 5 images I submitted with my application; and that the work is all original. If accepted, Cain Park reserves the right to use one of my identified images to promote the 2019 Arts Festival. I have carefully read, accept and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set forth in this application, and I understand that if I am accepted to the Cain Park Arts Festival, I must attend in person and remain throughout all three days. If I am accepted and choose not to participate, I understand that my booth fee of $450 will not be refunded after April 19, 2019. I understand that any violation of these stipulations may result in my removal from the Festival and exclusion from future Cain Park Arts Festivals.