Palo Alto Festival of the Arts 2019 Agreement

I (Applicant) understand that all work for sale during the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts is to be hand-crafted by the artist applying and that no imported or mass-produced products will be allowed; or if I have in my display work not juried in or produced by me, I will no longer be eligible to participate in any MLA Production shows.

I also understand that if I agreed to the Base Fee plus Commission Payment Plan & do not respond to the 10% of gross sales commission due (even if it reflects zero sales), that this payment option will no longer be available to me in any future Palo Alto Festival of the Arts shows.

I do hereby waive, release and discharge the City of Palo Alto, its officers, agents and employees, the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce, MLA Productions, its staff, contractors and their employees and festival volunteers from any and all claims for damages, personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death occurring or arising out of the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts.

It is recognized that there are certain risks inherent in the activity the Applicant is participating in. Nevertheless, the Applicant voluntarily agrees to assume any and all risks of vandalism, theft, injury or death from whatever cause inherent in or arising from participation in this festival whether such risks are known or unknown, and to claims, causes of action, losses, liability, judgements, costs, costs of collection, and attorney’s fees arising out of or related to the above mentioned festival.

I also grant MLA Productions permission to use any images of my work for publicizing this year’s or future Palo Alto Festival of the Arts.