Art & Craft Affair 2019 Agreement



·         By applying to the Art & Craft Affair, I certify that I understand, and agree to adhere to, the rules and regulations set forth by the Art & Craft Affair.

·         I certify that my application includes only original work created by my own hand or by myself and the co-artist(s)/collaborator(s) indicated on the application.

·         I release and hold harmless the Art & Craft Affair, its employees, affiliates and volunteers for any liability, loss or damages that I or others in attendance may incur. 

·         I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own insurance.

·         I agree that I am responsible for collecting sales tax (7.375% for 2019) and maintaining records of their sales.

·         I agree to allow the Art & Craft Affair to use the images included with my application for promotional and other purposes.

·         I agree that I will be present throughout the show and will not tear down the exhibit before the end of the show.  I agree to clean any trash or debris from my booth spot after tear down.