Telluride Cars and Colors / Fine Art & Sculpture Fest 2019 - 5th Annual Agreement

By applying to the Telluride Cars and Colors  Fine Arts Festival, the Artist accepts the following:

“I, the undersigned Exhibiting Artist, hereby shall indemnify, defend and hold the Telluride Cars and Colors Fine Arts Festival,  the Mountain Village Chamber of Commerce, and Current Events LLC, their successors, agents, and assigns, harmless  against all claims, losses, expenses, liabilities and damages, arising out of my participation in the Telluride Cars and Colors Fine Arts Festival.  I agree to abide by all rules set forth herein. The Telluride Cars and Colors Fine Arts Festival, Mountain Village Chamber of  Commerce and Current Events LLC assume no responsibility for the safety of my art, my display, my body or my agents resulting from any cause including my negligence or the negligence of others. The Telluride Cars and Colors Fine Arts Festival reserves the right to use images of artist and or artwork for promotional advertising.”

*No Solicitation - Exhibitors are present at our shows for the purpose of representing their work. For that reason, no exhibitor, or their representatives, will engage in any type of solicitation of any products, supplies, shows, etc. during the course of the show, starting at the commencement of the event and ending at the end of breakdown of the said event.  *The exhibitors’ role is to sell their work and not engage in any other non-related business activities during the course of the event.  Failure to comply could cause possible expulsion from the show.

*TAXES – Each exhibitor is responsible for collecting the state sales tax for Colorado and  Mountain Village sales tax also filing a report with the local Department of Revenue.