Savannah Christmas on the River - 2019 Agreement

Inclement Weather Policy

All Savannah Waterfront Association Festivals are considered Rain or Shine events. Extenuating extreme circumstances such as a Hurricane warrants cancellation of a show. Exhibitors will be notified as soon as possible by the SWA; exhibitors shall not otherwise assume show cancellation or changes. Exhibitor contact information should be complete in order for timely notification.


This is an outdoor event on Rousakis Plaza located along historic River Street. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure a safe and secure environment during all hours of the show, including around-the-clock security. The Savannah Waterfront Association, its employees, contractors, sponsors and volunteers, nevertheless, will assume no responsibility for loss or damage incurred during the show. Work should not be so fragile or presented in such a manner that public display is potentially harmful to the work or the viewer. 


Submission of this application shall constitute an agreement on the part of the exhibitor to comply with the conditions set forth in this prospectus, including the following:

Release and discharge of the Savannah Waterfront Association, its employees, contractors and volunteers from any and all claims occasioned by damage or loss of application image(s) or artwork while in possession of the Savannah Waterfront Association. No work accepted for the exhibition may be withdrawn prior to the close of the exhibition. All decisions of the Festival Jury are final.

Additionally granted is permission to use submitted artwork and personal image(s) and name for the express purposes of Savannah Waterfront Association festival promotion.

Exhibitor agrees to hold the Savannah Waterfront Association | Savannah Waterfront Association, its employees and volunteers, all merchants owning or leasing space in the plaza area, their agents and employees free from and against any suits, proceeding actions and causes or actions of any and every kind and nature arising or growing out of in any way connected with exhibitor’s use of occupancy of the plaza, regardless of fault, negligence, or lack thereof, of any responsibility for theft, damage, or injury to exhibitor’s property or person. You exhibit at your own risk.