Tubac Fall Arts and Crafts Festival 2019 Agreement

AGREEMENT  -- Be sure to read the “Rules” page! Thanks.


I have read and agree to all conditions and rules outlined for the Tubac Fall Arts and Crafts Festival.  I understand that all work is to be designed and executed by me as the artist applicant and that no imported or manufactured work will be allowed.  I agree that images submitted are representative of the work to be sold.  I release Tubac Chamber of Commerce (TCC), its Board of Directors, employees and agents, festival volunteers and contractors of all liability and responsibility for any injury, damage or loss sustained by exhibitors, guests or works of art before, during or after the Tubac Fall Arts and Crafts Festival or as a result of the display of my work, equipment or materials.  I understand that images of me, my booth and/or my work may be used by TCC for promotional and publicity purposes.  TCC makes no promises or guarantees regarding anticipated or actual sales.  If weather, acts of God or other reasons beyond the control of TCC cause the event to be cancelled, participant fees will not be returned and TCC will not be held liable to exhibitors for failure of the event to take place.  A completed application is a commitment to show.  No refunds will be made after the September 1, 2019 deadline.


I am willing to have my name and/or phone number given to customers attempting to locate me as an artist.