Litchfield Park Festival of Arts 2019 Agreement

The undersigned does hereby discharge, release and hold harmless, the City of Litchfield Park, Vermillion Promotions and all sponsoring organizations from any and all manner of actions, suits, damages, or claims, whatsoever arising from any loss or damages or claims, to the person or property of the undersigned and / or persons who are assisting, while in possession or under the supervision of the City of Litchfield Park and Vermillion Promotions. Furthermore, the undersigned artist hereby certifies that all display work is handcrafted and created by the seller, unless otherwise approved by the Festival. This contract is non-cancelable and non-transferable after the refund date. Vermillion Promotions has my permission to publish photographs or videos taken of me, my booth and my artwork during the event, past or future. Vermillion Promotions has the right to disqualify any exhibitor for failure to comply with the rules and regulations based on Vermillion Promotions interpretation.