Last Fling Art Expo 2019 Agreement




Acceptance / Rejection: StarEvents, Inc (SE) will notify each participant if they are accepted or

rejected by email to the email address listed on the application no later than (7) days after the

application deadline. If accepted, payment will be processed within the next (7) business days.

In the event that the participant’s application is rejected, they will not be charged and checks

destroyed. SE does not guarantee exclusivity to any participant, nor has the participant relied

upon any representation or guarantee of SE regarding the revenues to be generated by the


Refunds: Refunds for booth fees will be issued a full refund of the amount received, minus

a $50 processing fee, if the request is made in writing such as an e-mail or certified mail on or

before (21) days prior to the festival. However, throughout the season, full refunds will be made

to participants on an ongoing basis if the participant requested a corner space, a double booth

space, or electricity but the request could not be met. Refunds will not be issued for

participants who are dismissed, if the booth is forfeited, or if the participant is in violation of

any of the Terms and Conditions. No revenues are guaranteed or implied by SE in connection

with participation in the event.

Photos: All Artisan and Merchant vendors are required to provide (2) photos of their work.

These photos will be juried and will be used to determine acceptance into the festival. It is

of best interest to the participant to use clear, clean, and professional photographs that best

represent your complete work. Submitted photos will not be returned. Non Profits and Food

Vendors do not need to send in pictures.

Deposit checks: If renting equipment from SE you are required to enclose a $200 rental

deposit check made payable to ‘StarEvents.’ This check will only be deposited if the rental

equipment is damaged by anything of your doing. These checks will be shredded after the

event unless otherwise stated by said vendor. If participant would like the check sent back,

participant must submit email request before the event.

Changes to Application: If participant wishes to change their application, they must submit a

new application with the changes clearly indicated no later than two weeks before the event.

Any changes made via phone will not be permitted.

Application Deadline: Applications must be received by application deadline. Applications

received after the deadline can also be considered for acceptance but will need to include a

$50 late fee. Once “Sold Out” is stated on the website under event, the event will not accept

any other applications. Please call the SE office if you have any questions regarding festival



Participation: The participant desires to participate in the event by providing merchandise,

services and information to our general public. If the participant’s application is accepted

by SE, the participant agrees to offer only those items listed on the application, no other

merchandise will be permitted without prior written consent of SE. The participant agrees not

to sell or distribute merchandise that: SE deems inappropriate or derogatory; or uses the event

logo, the event name, or any other likeness associated with our event without prior written

consent of SE.

Set-up: Participants need to check in with a SE representative upon arrival as booth spaces

might have changed. DO NOT set up in a space until checking in with SE. Participants will be able

to pull their car up to the booth space to unload their merchandise ONLY. This is to help car traffic on

the venue during set up. The participant will forfeit the assigned boothspace if unoccupied by the start

of the event. Load in details will be sent via email no later than (1)week before the event. Booth spaces

are subject to change before the event due to onsite logistical matters.

Parking & Vehicle Storage: All vehicles must be removed from the venue no less than (1) hour

before the start of the event. Street parking may be available as well as pay parking operations. SE

is not responsible for providing any parking. Any vehicles left on the venue or within event

barricades will be towed. Absolutely no vehicles will be allowed on the venue no less than (1) hour

before the fest starts. You are only permitted to bring your car on the venue to pack up if approved

by a SE representative.

Tear Down: Participants will be able to tear down (1) hour after the end of the event or when

approved by a SE representative. All items left on-site after the close of the event (i.e. food

vendor grease buckets, cement blocks, broken personal equipment, etc.) will be disposed of and

your deposit check will be kept or you will be charged a $200 to the payment method on file.

Hours of Operation: We ask all participants to remain open for the duration of the event hours.

Participants may begin to close their operation (1) hour before the advertised close of the event.

Exceptions for hours of operations may be made. Please notify us (30) days in advance if you

foresee a need to close your operation early. In the event an early closure is granted, participant

must remove operations by hand or cart. Vehicles are not allowed on the venue during event hours

under any circumstances.

Booth Security: The participant will be solely responsible for items left in their booth overnight. We

are not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged. Off duty police will patrol the grounds

overnight but will not be able to watch every space at all times.


If the participant’s application is accepted, SE will assign space on the venue for the participant. All

merchandise, equipment and materials must fit inside the assigned space. Display and storage

outside of the allocated booth space is not allowed. Additional space can be made if purchased

and if available on the venue. The location of participants space will be determined by SE, and

reserve the right to adjust the venue prior to the event. If store is on the venue, we will try to put

you in front of your store if within the vendor space area.

Equipment: You must have a WHITE tent to participate in a SE production. If you do not have a

WHITE tent, you must rent one from us in order to participate in the event. Tents can not exceed 10

feet in height. All tents must be properly weighted prior to the start of the event. Weights are

provided with rental tents only. SE is not responsible to weigh down your personal tent.

Signage: All signage must be clean and properly placed. SE has the right to ask you to remove

signage if not presented in the appropriate manner. Signage may not be flown or raised above the

tent canopy and sign pole. Please feel free to call our office for specific instructions.

Sound Restrictions: Participant agrees to not have amplified sound of any type within booth.

Participants with amplified sound may to asked to vacate space and will not receive a refund.

Amplified sound has been determine to create conflict with adjacent participants. Please respect

your neighbors.


Electricity: Electricity is only available by renting from the event. You will be provided 3 outlets,

20 amps each. Edison plugs only. Participants will be restricted from using personal generators

due to the noise, exhaust, and safety factors. If needing electric, make sure to tell us 30 days

prior to the event so we can place you on the map accordingly. Participants found to be using

our electrical sources without prior payment will be charged the $150 electric fee onsite.

Maintenance: Participants are solely responsible for the appearance of their space. The

participant shall maintain its space in a neat, clean and sanitary condition. Participants will clean

their space to original condition during tear down or they will be charged a $50 clean up fee.


Dismissal from the event: In the event the participant is dismissed from the event, they will be

asked to vacate the booth space immediately, take all belongings, and will not be allowed to

participate for the remainder of the event. The participant may be dismissed or removed from

the event if found to be in violation of any of the Terms and Conditions

Legal Liability & Insurance: The participant shall comply with all local, federal, state and

municipal laws and ordinances in operation of its booth during the event and shall insure its

merchandise against loss by theft or damage. The participant hereby releases SE and it’s Client,

officers, directors, members, and employees from any and all claims for, and agrees that SE and

the Client, officers, directors, members, and employees shall have no responsibility for personal

injury sustained by the participant, its agents or employees, or damage to, or loss or destruction

of, the participant’s properties. The participant further agrees to indemnify and hold SE and the

Client, its officers, directors, members, and employees harmless from and against any and all

claims for personal injury, damage to property or theft occurring in or about the event area,

whether to the participant, its agents or employees or any third party, caused in part of in whole

by the participation of the participant in the event.

Conduct: All vendor booths and load-in vehicles inside the venue are subject to search by event

security at any time. Any vendor staff found to be storing, transporting, selling or facilitating the

sales of illicit substances or involved in any illegal activity will be immediately ejected from the

event and turned over to the Chicago Police Department. In addition, the entire vendor

operation and staff accosted with the violator will be immediately ejected from the event and

will lose all right to fees and deposits. There is absolutely zero tolerance for illegal activity at SE