St. George's Independent School Arts Show and Sale 2019 Agreement




Whereas, St. George’s desires to enhance the appearance of the school facility with various types and forms of artwork, so as to maximize the educational experience of its students and others who visit the school campus and, in so doing, promote the work of area artists; and


Whereas, exhibitor desires an opportunity to display his/her artwork in an aesthetically pleasant public location which provides an opportunity to successfully market the artwork for sale to members of the public;


Therefore, the parties have agreed and acknowledge as follows:

  1. Exhibition terms and conditions: 

The exhibitor(s) artwork will be displayed at St. George’s beginning on the 2nd day of November, 2019 through such later date as the parties may agree, in writing.


During the time the artwork is displayed at St. George’s, a suitable sign will be posted near the artwork so as to identify its title and the exhibitor.  Further, during the period in which the exhibitor(s) artwork is on display at St. George’s, the school office will maintain a file containing exhibitor-provided information regarding the identity and contact information of the exhibitor, the artwork on display, its price, and other work by the exhibitor.  Such information will be made available to interested parties who inquire about the artwork.

  1. Insurance:

At all times, the exhibitor is solely responsible for insuring the artwork against loss or

damage from any source.  While the school maintains appropriate insurance to insure the school facility and its contents against loss and damage, it makes no representation or warranty that the subject artwork is or will be insured pursuant to such insurance.

  1. Assumption of Risk, Hold Harmless and Release for Damage or Loss:

Exhibitor expressly assumes the risk of any damage or loss, irrespective of the cause of such loss or damage, to the artwork exhibited at the school pursuant to this agreement. Further, exhibitor agrees to fully and forever release, acquit, forever discharge, and hold St. George’s and its employees, officers, trustees, agents and representatives harmless from and against any and all claims, rights and causes of action, whatsoever, which the exhibitor has or may have in the future, arising from any damage or loss of any nature to the artwork which is described herein, irrespective of the source or cause of such damage or loss.  This assumption of risk, release, and hold harmless agreement extends, but is not limited to, damage or losses arising from or during the packaging, transportation, installation, hanging, or display of the subject artwork at St. George’s, or in connection with the removal, packaging and transportation of the subject artwork at the conclusion of its exhibition at the school.

  1. Warranty of ownership: 

Exhibitor warrants, and it is acknowledged and agreed as a material part of this agreement,

that the subject artwork is an original work of art created or fully owned by exhibitor.  Exhibitor warrants that he/she has full title to the subject artwork and all copyrights or other intellectual property rights associated with the artwork and is the proper party to execute this agreement governing the terms by which the subject artwork will be exhibited at St. George’s.

         5. Taxes: 

Any applicable federal, state or local sales tax will be charged to the purchaser at the time of sale and remitted to the appropriate governmental taxing authority.  The 30% commission will be calculated on the price of the work without sales tax.