Mount Dora Arts Festival 45th Annual 2020 Agreement

  • Acceptable work is limited to original art created and presented by the creating artist.

  • Reproductions must be signed and numbered.  This notice must appear on the front of each item. All reproductions must be displayed in browse bins and placed to the back of your booth!

  • Objects assembled from kits, pre-carved or pre-molded reproductions, manufactured parts, buy-sell, commercial displays and the like are not acceptable. Final interpretation of commercial status will be made by MDCA. MDCA shall have the sole, exclusive and final authority to determine a work & acceptability for display within the Mount Dora Arts Festival. A work determined to be unacceptable must be removed and may not be displayed to the public within the Mount Dora Arts Festival.

  • Only artists selected by MDCA may exhibit work within the Mount Dora Arts Festival. All artists listed on the application must be present, oversee their exhibit at all times and display their work for the duration of the show. Assistants (including family members) are welcome, but NOT in place of the artist.

  • The work of one exhibitor may be displayed in each assigned space. Booth sharing is not permitted with the exception of collaborating teams. Collaborations must be artistic rather than business. A team producing a single product may qualify as a single exhibitor; however, teams may consist of no more than two persons, both names must be on the application, and both persons named must be present. Only works produced by the team may be shown. BOTH artists must sign all forms.

  • Images and booth shot submitted for consideration must be representative of the works that will be exhibited in the Mount Dora Arts Festival. Our committee will view booths with images in hand several times during the show. If exhibited work or booth display differs significantly from the images submitted, the artist will be asked to remove unacceptable work and/or rework booth display. Continued infraction of this policy will result in the artist being asked to leave and forfeit fees. The artist will not be invited back to the Mount Dora Arts Festival.

  • Artists may enter more than one category for jurying; however; an artist may not jury in two categories using images of the same work. SEPARATE application forms, checks, and images must be submitted for EACH category entered. Artists may apply for more than 1 category with separate applications; ONLY 1 CATEGORY WILL BE ACCEPTED.

  • Artist set-up (including inventory and personal materials) must be contained in this space. Booth/Display set-up must be completed by 9:00 A.M. both days of the Festival. You are required to display the official Booth Card provided by MDCA in the FRONT of your booth. NO EXCEPTIONS. Artists are encouraged to display an informational statement concerning their work and process.

  •  PLEASE NOTE: Not all spaces are level

  • Two hundred eighty-five artists will be accepted into the festival. There will be a reserve alternate list in the case of cancellations. Deadline for cancellation of booth fees refunds is December 15th, 2018. Acceptance to a previous Festival is no guarantee, expressed or implied, that the artist will be accepted to exhibit in any other year Mount Dora Arts Festival with exception of previous year award winners.

  •  Artists are responsible for their own insurance and the collection and reporting of any applicable taxes. If your check is returned for insufficient funds, a $40 fee must be paid to the Mount Dora Center for the Arts in order to be eligible for future festivals.

  •  Due to a city ordinance, NO animals are allowed in the Festival area.


I have read the rules governing the Mount Dora Arts Festival and agree to abide by them. I do hereby release and hold harmless the Mount Dora Center for the Arts, Mount Dora Arts Festival Committee and the City of Mount Dora of and from any and all manner of actions, suits damages or claims whatsoever arising from any loss or damage to my property or anyone’s property in my possession or supervision.