Windermere Fine Art Show 2020 Agreement

  1. The contract for participation shall not become binding between the Artist/Exhibitor and the Windermere Fine Art Show (WFAS) until the contract has been signed by the event organizers and confirmation has been sent to Artist/Exhibitor via fax or email.

  2. Artists/Exhibitors shall be responsible for the setup, breakdown, and cleanup of their own exhibit/booth area. Set up will begin Saturday (February 29) at 8:00 AM and must be completed by 12:00 PM. Breakdown must start AFTER 5 PM the last day of the event (March 1) – no breakdown permitted before 5:00 PM. 

  3. A booth space consists of a designated 10’x10’ area. Artist/Exhibitor must provide their own tent, tables and/or chairs, and any other items needed to complete their exhibit. Be advised that this event will take place outdoors.

  4. If booth/exhibit requires the use of electricity, it must be requested at time of Application. An additional fee applies.

  5. Booth/exhibit must be attended at all times throughout the event.

  6. Booth/exhibit must have signs clearly identifying the name of the Artist/business.

  7. Artists/Exhibitors booth space shall not be shared or sublet.

  8. All Artists/Exhibitors may park their vehicles at 436 Oakdale Street and 5th Avenue, Windermere, FL 34786, behind Windermere Baptist Church. NO PARKING ON MAIN STREET OR 5TH AVENUE THE DAYS OF THE EVENT. Further instructions will be provided prior to event.

  9. Alcohol samples and selling are strictly prohibited.

  10. This is a pet-friendly, canine event. Your dog must be on a leash and have current rabies identification.

  11. Artists/exhibitors are free to attend activities or presentations, provided their exhibit remains staffed in their absence.

  12. Should any contingency interrupt or prevent the holding of the event, the WFAS, Windermere Arts and the Town of Windermere shall in no way be liable to the Artists/Exhibitors. Application, booth and rental fees cannot be refunded, as they are distributed prior to the event for liability insurance, facility/operating costs, supplies, and marketing promotion.

  13. The WFAS is a rain or shine outdoor event. In the event of inclement weather, the event will go on unless the area is under a weather warning. Please check our website or social networks, listed below, to get the latest news. No rain date is scheduled.

  14. Artist spaces not occupied by 9:00 AM the day of the event will be considered a no-show, and the space will be deemed forfeited. This forfeited space may be resold, reassigned, or used by WFAS without obligations for any refund whatsoever.

  15. The Artist/Exhibitor shall not (a) commit any nuisance; (b) cause any smoke or odor to emanate from its space; (c) do anything which would interfere with the effectiveness of any utility of the event; (d) not cause excessive electricity use from their booth space, nor interfere with the availability of electricity for other exhibitors, nor attempt to utilize several outlets without prior approval; (e) nor do or permit to be done any act which might invalidate any insurance policy carried by WFAS or the Town of Windermere.

  16. Artists/Exhibitors agree to make no claim for any reason against the WFAS, Windermere Arts and the Town of Windermere, for lost, theft, damage or destruction of goods, nor any injury to themselves, their employees or volunteers, or WFAS visitors incurred at the event. Artists/Exhibitors agree to indemnify the WFAS organizers, Windermere Arts and the Town of Windermere, against litigation and hold them harmless for any liability arising out of the exhibitor’s participation in the event. Artists/Exhibitors agree to accept full responsibility for any such loss, theft, damage, destruction of goods or injury caused or experienced. Furthermore, Artists/Exhibitors shall indemnify and hold the Town of Windermere, its employees, agents, officials and contractors, harmless from, and against any and all claims, including, without limitation to, attorney’s fees (whether incurred before, during, or after trial, or upon appellate level) arising from the exhibitor participation in this event. Artists/Exhibitors agree to secure all their belongings for the entire WFAS event.

  17. Town Hall, oak trees and surrounding town fixtures are protected. Artists/Exhibitors are not allowed to use, attach and/or hang from any structure without prior written approval from the Town of Windermere.

  18. Failure of the Artist/Exhibitor to comply in any respect with the terms, conditions, rules or regulations of this contract shall result in the termination of the rights of the Artist.

  19. WFAS reserves the right to restrict exhibits to a maximum noise level and to suitable methods of operation and display.

  20. In accordance to its goals, vision and mission, and due to the limited space availability, WFAS reserves the right to decline any Application at its own discretion.