Event Information

Art2Wear Nashville, TN 2013
Show Dates: 5/24/13 - 5/26/13
Application Deadline: 5/16/13

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

General Information
art2wear! An Exop of Wearable Art: Jewelry, Apparel & Accessories Hand-Crafted by Supremely Talented Artists!

Presented by ArtWorks Foundation & Vanderbilt University’s Sarratt Art Studios.

Friday May 24 - Sunday May 26, 2013

(Booth fee discounted by $100.00 - for successful applicants who are also accepted to participate in our Germantown TN show, Aprl 5-7)

I. Overview

ArtWorks Foundation will stage the Nashville edition of this juried exhibition and sale, Friday, May 24, 2013, through Sunday, May 26, 2013, at the Commodore Ballroom of Vanderbilt University’s Student Life Center, in Nashville, TN.

This three-day show will commence with a Gala Preview, Friday, May 24, from 5 to 9pm; Saturday, May 25 the show hours are 10am to 6pm, and open hours for Sunday May 26, are 11am to 5pm.

Artists selected for the show may install their displays on Friday May 24, from 8AM to 3PM.

The public will pay an admission fee to attend: $30 Friday evening; $10 Saturday and Sunday. Participating artists will receive a small number of tickets for special clients.

Admission to Friday’s preview party will include wine, signature-cocktail, and heavy hors d’ oeuvres. Saturday will feature free sweet-treats and a coffee/soft-drink bar; with coffee/soft-drink bar only offered on Sunday. There will also be live demonstrations of weaving, lapidary work, lamp-worked glass, and other related skills, as well as gift bags (in limited quantities) and door-prize drawings each hour (minimum value $100), with a grand-prize drawing for a free cruise (one registration pp for all who attend the event).

The show will be heavily advertised, with over $35,000 budgeted for:  TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and direct mail; there will also be intensive PR efforts.

II. About This Show

Art2Wear is staged by ArtWorks Foundation in association with Vanderbilt’s Sarratt Art Studio: proceeds from admissions will benefit Sarratt Studio programs such as the Summer Youth Art Institute.

ArtWorks Foundation is dedicated to encouraging public awareness of the importance of a vibrant and active arts community; we are obsessed by quality in what we present and how we present it.

Eighty positions are available for artists to participate in the Nashville edition of Art 2Wear. (We anticipate expanding that number to 100 exhibitors in subsequent years). Our goal in terms of audience is a minimum of 8,000 buyers for Nashville’s debut edition. We also plan to stage editions of this show in additional markets in the coming years.

Two prizes will be awarded: Best of Show and Best Display; the winners will receive their choice of free booth space at next years’ edition of this show, or at an Art2Wear event in another market in the coming year (prize value: $400).

The show will be a juried selection with five judges. Standards of high quality and good design will be strictly maintained. Our goal is promote appreciation for fine-craft and the skills and dedication required to make it. Qualifications for consideration will, of course, include whether the work displayed is made by the hand of the artist. That said, in the realm of jewelry, VERY talented ‘stringers’ MAY be considered (if the judges are unanimously impressed by originality of design, or use of repurposed materials, etc.) It is our goal, however, to present apparel, accessories and jewelry, with at least 65% of the elements from which they are constructed, made by the hand of the artist presenting the work.

All items offered for sale must be created by the hand of the artist to whom the display space is registered; no work created by parties other than the artists whose work has been accepted for the show - or items such as antiques and collectibles - may be offered for sale. Violation of this directive will result in immediate expulsion from the show. The discovery of Any merchandise violating this rule will result in the immediate removal of All merchandise from the offending display. No fees will be refunded.

Artists will staff their own display throughout the show; handling all sales of their work, and assuming all responsibility for the collection and reporting of any sales taxes due. (Credentials for up to two assistants will also be provided.)

We prefer to show work by artists from the Southeast, and geography will be taken in to consideration in the acceptance process.

III. Fees & Application Process

The exhibition fee is $400.00. However, the fee for participants who have also been accepted to exhibit at our Memphis Ares show (April 5-7), will be REDUCED to $300.00.

All artists’ fees collected will go toward the show’s promotional expenses (100% to advertising); all other expenses, as well as additional advertising costs, will be paid through the sale of sponsorships, or admission tickets; any producer’s profit will limited solely to proceeds from the sale of admission tickets, net of expenses.

Artists who wish to be considered should submit five (5) photos of representative work (including one both shot), and the completed entry form (attached), according to the instructions on the form.

Some entrants will be notified of acceptance within five days of the submission of their application. Applications received through April 7, 2013, will be considered, but the total number of vendors will be cut off at eighty (80); so, entering as soon as possible is advised.

Exhibition Fees are due upon notification of acceptance; failure to pay fees by April 15, 2013, may result in forfeiture of acceptance.

If you are accepted for inclusion in the show, payment may be made within five (5) days of your notification. Checks may be mailed and made payable to:
ArtWorks Foundation
60 North Century
Memphis, TN 38111

IV. Exhibition Standards

1)  Individual display areas were 9’x 7’ (with 9’ aisle frontage and 7’ in depth), BUT 10x10 will be accepted. (though 9x7 is still preferred, we want to make partcipating artists as comfortable as possible. Future shows may be different, but for our first we ill take 10x10 displays.

2) Show Guidelines shall be observed by participating artists, as follows:

a. Artists accepted for Just Jewelry may not participate in any other show or sale in Davidson or any adjoining counties during the run of the show (this includes, but is not limited to, private house shows).

b. Displays: all display fixtures are the responsibility of the artist, but rental
items, such as tables and chairs will be available.

1. Tables must be covered in cloth & draped to the floor (spotless! with no wrinkles!); shelving and other display fixtures must be completely free of any scratches, chips, or dents (so, plan to re-paint or touch up any marred finishes beforehand!) This is not an outdoor show; it is not a flea market; it is an exhibition of fine-craft and should be treated with elegance and style: make your display as attractive as possible.

Small tables are preferred; do not bring any 8’tables to this show! Plan clusters of tables, shelves or pedestals, with tiers to create interest.

Additionally, we wish to create open vistas. There will be no pipe & drape. Artists who can display in 360 degrees will be assigned space in the center; those requiring a solid back drop will be positioned on two of the perimeters. If you use pro-panels: think kiosks, instead of barriers.

2. Each artist must display a small framed or mounted sign identifying themselves & their work (no more than 18”x18”, and NO banners), and provide a supply of business cards sufficient for the run of the show.

3. Individual lighting is encouraged, but not mandatory; electrical connections will be provided for all display spaces; ambient lighting will be as bright as possible (one side of the room is all windows and the hall has incandescent lighting). Any lights you bring should be free-standing and attractive. If you opt to light your display, you must provide your own heavy duty extension cord, at least 15’ in length; you should also bring a power strip and one lightweight, 6’ to 8’, extension cord for each light fixture.

3) Mark-Downs – No price reductions will be permitted during the run of the show; no “show one-day specials;” no “sales.” The show is intended to be perceived as an exhibition of fine craft, NOT as a bargain-basement!

4) Re-Stocking – artists are required to make sure a full supply of merchandise is always on hand through the last minutes of the show, and are responsible for restocking their own displays.
5) Any packaging is the responsibility of the artist.

V. Images – Please note that in addition to providing a means to assess your work, any photos submitted may be used to promote the show (posters, postcards, etc.

VI. Promotion
Radio and Television promotional appearances have already been
secured. There will be vigorous Public Relations support for the show, but public patronage will also be encouraged and supported by more than $40,000 in advertising (including, outdoor, print & radio), as well as through more than 20,000 mailings to supporters of Sarratt Art Studio programs.

If you have any questions, please contact, Greg Belz: phone (901.327.4019), or email gregbelz@hotmail.com

Thanks for your interest in Art2Wear!

Art2Wear is presented by ArtWorks Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging public awareness of the importance of a vibrant and active arts community.