Event Information

Pan African Film & Arts Festival 2014
Show Dates: 2/6/14 - 2/17/14
Application Deadline: 12/30/13

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

General Information
It is our objective to maintain the Pan African Film and Arts Festival as an arts festival featuring fine art, quality craft and designer merchandise. PAFF will accept only fine art and photography, handmade unique crafts and jewelry and designer fashions and accessories. The art market will be jurored. We will not accept vendors who sell incense, perfume oils, “low-end” jewelry and mass manufactured merchandise imported from Korea, China and such. Our jury prefers one-of-a-kind, original pieces. T-shirts must be designer-crafted or hand-printed. Absolutely no mass manufactured/printed T-shirts will be accepted. We will accept applications from galleries, however; a gallery may not exhibit and sell works by more than four artists. To make sure that each and every artist/vendor complies with these rules, no application will be accepted without accompanying slides and/or photographs. You can provide your website if it includes a representative selection of your work. An artist or gallery whose merchandise is inconsistent with that described in the application and depicted in the slides, photographs or website will be removed from the show. No refund will be given. There will be no exceptions.

Event press releases and announcements will be sent to the news media, galleries, art patrons, celebrities and the community. Artists whose completed application with payment have been received before December 16, 2013 will be included on the event website (www.paff.org) and on printed announcements and event schedules. Artists are encouraged to create and (e)mail personal announcements to your patrons.

Monday – Friday                     10am until 9pm
Saturday                                  10am until 8pm
Sunday                                    11am until 7pm
Exhibitors must be present or have a representative present during all business hours. Exhibitor removal or relocation may result if PAFF personnel determine that your closed booth diminishes the overall appearance of the show. Review the Rules and Regulations for other inflictions that could subject your booth removal from the festival.

ArtistFEST Contact
Allohn Agbenya – Art Director
6820 La Tijera Blvd., Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Tel: 310. 337-4737
FAX: 310. 337-4736
E-mail: artmarket@PAFF.org
There is a Non-refundable Application Fee of  $35.00. This must be included with your application. Applications will not be considered without this payment.

Displays must look professional at all times. All items must be placed on a table, easel, grid or display stand. Designer should have professional display equipments such as racks, grids, and mannequin. Works cannot be propped up against railings, walls or planters. Tabletops and table legs must be covered with a black fire retardant fabric. You must provide protection for the floor if you are demonstrating in your booth. Booth size will vary based upon location approved by the BHCP and the Fire Marshall. All booths must be staffed at all times during BHCP business hours. Booths that are closed during business hours risk removal. Again, there will be no refunds. You must provide your own assistants. Volunteers may be available for short-term (5-15 minutes) relief only. PAFF and BHCP take no responsibility for loss or theft.
Each booth comes with one table, one table-cloth and 2 chairs. Grids and displays may not exceed 6 feet in height. There are no exceptions. Grids, easels, etc. will be available for rent, if you reserve the item when applying. 
The BHCP supplies overhead general lighting. There are limited electrical outlets and wattage. Not all spaces have access to electricity. If your display requires electricity please make sure to indicate such on your application. You may use no more than five 40-watt incandescent bulbs. Because of fire hazard, absolutely no halogen lighting may be used. Violating exhibitors will be removed without refund. Artists must have their own heavy-duty grounded electrical cords with floor cover. There is a $30 service charge for electrical hook-up.

Payment Deadlines:  (Note: These dates are the dates your application must be RECEIVED not postmarked.)
  • The Early Bird Deadline: September 16, 2013
  • The Official Submissions Deadline: November 16, 2013
  • The Late Submissions Deadline: December 30, 2013
Permits & Sales
Artists are in no way employees or agents of PAFF or BHCP. Artists are responsible for obtaining their own business permits. A representative from the California Board of Equalization will be in the BHCP during the ArtistFEST to check permits and distribute appropriate forms and applications. Artists will transact all sales and retain all proceeds. It is the Artist’s responsibility to collect sales tax from all customers and to pay all applicable taxes. 

Shipping and Storage
PAFF cannot provide storage space. Exhibitors must make arrangements independently. PAFF will not receive shipped merchandize. 

Removal of Exhibitors
PAFF reserves the right to remove any exhibitor who displays inappropriate, threatening or disrespectful behavior, such as and without limitation, loud talking, cursing, fighting or intoxication. Any behavior or signage considered by PAFF or BHCP to be disrespectful or harmful to PAFF and/or BHCP, their staff or volunteers, BHCP merchants or shoppers will result in immediate expulsion from the show. NO warning need be given; no booth fees will be refunded.
Additionally, exhibitor can be removed before or during the event for reasons listed below, without limitation: (Removal will result in the forfeiture of booth rental fees).
  • Artist exhibitor sells work that is not consistent with his/her approved items.
  • Exhibitor’s space continues to encroach into another exhibitor(s) space(s) after fair warning.
  • Exhibitor’s space is closed or unattended during event hours.
  • Exhibitor’s work is inappropriate for family viewing or displays inappropriate signage.
  • Exhibitor allows another exhibitor to replace him/her or sell in booth space without PAFF permission.
  • Exhibitor burns incense or uses materials that cause an odor or fumes that are harmful or unpleasant to the public.
  • Exhibitor sells incense, perfume oils, T-shirts and low-end mass manufactured merchandise.
  • Exhibitor sets up in space not assigned to him/her and refuses to move when asked.
  • Exhibitor uses halogen lights or incandescent wattage in excess of 200 watts.
  • Exhibitor’s set-up violates fire department, PAFF or BHCP requirements
  • Exhibitor’s booth is not consistent with art market aesthetic and exhibitor refuses to come into compliance.
  • Exhibitor’s activity harm or damage, in any way, the walls, floors or fixtures of the BHCP. Note: Exhibitor will be held financially responsible for the cost of any repair and/or cleanup necessary as a result of their harmful activity.
  • Exhibitor fails to follow ArtistFEST guidelines and rues.

Booth Information
Booth Fees
OPTION A, FEBRUARY 6-11. 2014:
  • Early Bird Discount     $550.00 (entire amount must be paid)
  • Official Submissions   $650.00
  • Late Submissions        $750.00
OPTION B, FEBRUARY 12-17. 2014:
  • Early Bird Discount     $950.00 (entire amount must be paid)
  • Official Submissions   $1075.00
  • Late Submissions        $1175.00
OPTION C, FEBRUARY 6-17. 2014:
  • Early Bird Discount     $1100.00 (entire amount must be paid)
  • Official Submissions   $1375.00
  • Late Submissions        $1475.00

Exhibitors may be given specific locations for parking, loading and unloading. There will be an exhibitor’s orientation meeting in BHCP on Wednesday, February 5, from 8:00pm – 9:00pm. For artists with Options A & C, set-up will immediately follow the orientation meeting, beginning at 9:30pm and ending at 12:00am. For artists with Option B, set-up will be on Tuesday, February 11 from 9:00pm – 12:00am and on Wednesday, February 12 between 6:00am - 9:00am. Absolutely no set-ups will be allowed during BHCP business hours.  Dollies will not be provided, so please bring your own.

Space Assignments
Exhibitors will receive exact space assignment before set-up. Location of space assignments will depend upon art market design, fire department regulations ArtistFEST and BHCP requirements. Artists who apply and pay early will receive preferencial spaces.