Event Information


Savannah VIP Craft Brew Debut / Hopped Up On Georgia Brews 2017


Savannah, Georgia (South)

Event Dates: 11/3/17 - 11/5/17
Application Deadline: 9/30/17 Midnight EST
126 day(s) and 10 hour(s) remaining


Images: 7 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury Fee): $15.00


Event Summary
This juried arts & crafts show takes place on the historic River Street in Savannah, GA. This beautiful outdoor venue attracts tourists, locals and families to shop, dine, and explore one of Savannah’s most famous historic landmarks. This show is open to artists within the following disciplines: Art (painting/drawing), ceramics, digital art, fiber, jewelry, mixed media, photography, sculpture, woodworks, glassworks and interactive art (face painting, caricature drawing, etc.).  The Savannah Waterfront Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization responsible for providing free festivals and events for the public on River Street. For more information on the SWA or for a detailed event schedule please visit riverstreetsavannah.com.

General Information
Process of Savannah Waterfront Association Applications
  • The Jury will meet and send out acceptance, denial, or wait list letters.
  • If accepted, you will receive your acceptance packet, which will include:
    • Event schedule and check in process
    • City of Savannah Business Tax Form
    • Check in location map
  • Accepted artists will be required to submit payment by the 1st of the month, 1 month prior to the event. If the SWA does not receive payment by this date, the applicant will be automatically denied.
    • Payment forms include:
      • Credit Cards (through Zapplication, over the phone, or in person)
      • Money Orders – Made out to Savannah Waterfront Association
Check in Process:
  • Accepted artists will receive a check in map and will need to arrive to check in the day of the show at the given time.
  • Upon check in, artists will receive their individual space assignments and parking passes. They will then be permitted to load in from the South Curb of River Street (the store side). Vendors will need to quickly and completely unload their items and then move their cars to their designated parking lot before setting up their booths. 
Accepted Mediums:
  • Art (Painting / Drawing)
  • Ceramics
  • Digital Art
  • Fiber
  • Glassworks
  • Interactive Art (Face Painting, Caricature Drawing, Live Art, Etc.)
  • Jewelry
  • Mixed Media
  • Other
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Woodworks
*The jury will limit the number of each category to 20% of the entire show. We often have an abundance of Jewelry applications and therefore have to deny applicants. Denied artists due to full categories may be added to a Wait List in the case that another accepted artist has to deny acceptance.*

Application Guidelines:
Photographs are required with your application. Photographs must be a clear and accurate representation of the size, style and quality of work to be exhibited. The SWA requires the following pictures to insure that all submitted items are handmade.

Exhibitors must submit a minimum of the following:
- Photograph(s) of Raw Materials
- Photograph(s) of work in progress (50% completed work)
- Photograph(s) representative of completed work(s)
- Photograph of the front of the booth display

All items displayed for sale must be original work. Work must be done by exhibitor only and not by employees or staff. This means no mass production crafts, cottage industry, kits or handcrafted imports are accepted. All clothing must be individually submitted for approval, including items embellished, altered or decorated.
All work must comply with Savannah City Ordinance 4-5067(1). If you did not make it, please do not bring it. This is an arts & crafts show – no Buy/Sell items allowed. Exhibitors must make all items and be present at the show. No representatives or agents allowed.

No food items, T-shirts, incense, oils or sprays will be accepted per Savannah City Ordinance 4-5067(1).

Exhibitors may only sell work that is represented in the submitted photographs. Anyone that displays work not described on the application or represented in the photographs will be asked to remove these items. Do not display items without prior approval.

The SWA Jurors and staff will check booths periodically throughout the festival for compliance with admission requirements as set forth in this application. If the SWA determines that you are not in compliance, you will be first warned and then asked to leave if you do not make corrections.  Booth fees will not be refunded.

The SWA Jury will have the sole decision on acceptability of work(s) and compliance. Acceptance into one show does not guarantee acceptance into future shows. Acceptance is based on several factors including, but not limited to, originality and quality of work(s) and balance of media in each show. The decisions of the Jury and staff are final.

Booth Information
Non-refundable Jury Fees of $15 per exhibitor are due with the entry submission; the Zapplication process requires jury fee to complete the application.

For all late admission application and booth fees are non-refundable. 

The fee for this festival, if you are accepted, is $400 per booth.

Booth fee covers a 10’x10’ space.
Exhibitors must provide a white tent, tables and entire display.
Electricity is included in all exhibitor fees, but is limited to one 110 outlet.
*Please bring ample extension cord for power. Outlets can reach 50-100ft. from booths*

City Business Tax Certificates:
The City of Savannah requires all Arts & Crafts Vendors to apply for a Temporary Festival Business Tax Certificate. Vendors need to apply for this certificate once per year at an $85 fee. The application will be sent to accepted artists or you can find it at the link below.


Booth / Setup Information:
Booth space is 10’ x 10’. Extending your space is prohibited. If you need more room, you must rent another space. Your space extends 10’ from the rail (if you are on the “river” side) or 10’ from the brick planters (if you are on the street side). If there is a bench in your space, that bench is included in your 10’ x 10’ space - you may not come out from the bench. There should be no room between the back of your display and the rail/brick planter.
It can become windy on the riverfront - tents MUST be weighed down and properly secured.

If your tent has a bottom-rear stabilizer bar you must situate your tent as close as possible to the rails, planters, etc. SWA staff will be on-site to advise tent placement.

Please present a professional appearance when setting up your booth. Tables must be skirted to the ground preferably with a fabric tablecloth, and storage boxes kept out of sight. No Sale or Discount signs are permitted.

Please be present at all times during exhibit hours. Only one exhibitor and accepted media is allowed per rented space. Relocating your booth is strictly prohibited.

This is an outdoor event. Please come prepared for all weather situations.  Self-contained (propane or battery powered) heaters are welcome; electric heaters are not allowed due the excessive amperage drawn, thereby overloading the breakers.
All vendors will be responsible for disposing trash in designated dumpsters. This includes boxes and any loose trash. No dumping on the street or using street trash cans is allowed.
Per the City of Savannah: Absolutely no tape or rope is allowed to be attached or tied to the poles, railing, benches, and/or trees (etc.).  If the SWA incurs any charges for violation of this rule, the vendor responsible for the amount invoiced to the SWA and be given a warning for future shows!  

The SWA is responsible for security, advertising, promotion, plaza rental, electricity, electrician, activities, and entertainment.

Sales tax is the responsibility of the exhibitor; Georgia Department of Revenue forms are provided by SWA.