Event Information

6th Street Market – Downtown Tempe

6th Street Park, Downtown
Tempe, Arizona (West)

Phone: 480.355.6060
Event Dates: 10/22/17 - 4/22/18
Application Deadline: 4/18/18 Midnight MST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $10.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
6th Street Market blends art, live music and the community weekly in the heart of Downtown Tempe.  Located in the popular 6th Street Park behind the City of Tempe City Hall building, this 2nd season weekly market has just about everything.  Local shopping, works of art, live music, fantastic brunch offers nearby, and interactive art projects.  With its centralized location in Downtown Tempe, you can find everything you need here.  Sundays from 11 am - 4 pm, October 22nd 2017 through April 22, 2018.  

General Information
What are we looking for?
The 6th Street Market features vendors who make-local, curate-local & upcycle-local.  We are currently getting ready for our second season and we believe that there is a need for a locally focused market where the community knows they can always find unique goods. We are looking for a wide array of artists, from the artist working with their hands to create a special piece to the culinary artist feeding our souls!
In addition, we are looking for partners! You are a partner, if you, like us, promote the market on a weekly basis. This ensures success for everyone!
To be accepted into the 6th Street Market you must fall under one of these categories:
  • Goods handmade locally
  • Goods made from repurposed/salvaged materials
  • Goods grown locally
Excluded from the 6th Street Market are the following:
  • Crafts created from kits
  • Booths used primarily for lead generation
  • Products with offensive messages/imagery
  • Multi Level Marketing Companies
  • Independent Distributors
  • Items with blatant copyright infringement issues

This is a weekly market – Artists are juried in throughout the season.  Typically you will receive an answer to your application within a 7 day period.  

Application fee is $10.  You only need to apply once per season.  Acceptance in the market last season does not guarantee acceptance this season.

Jury Process- The jury uses a variety of criteria to determine acceptance into our market. It includes, but is not limited to:

*Do your items fit in with our vision
*The quality and uniqueness of your wares
*Do you fit our overall guidelines
*Do you have a social media presence 

If you are a previous vendor applying again:

*Did you follow vendor guidelines last season
*Were you easy to work with
*Did you promote the event


Permitted Age of Artists - All participants must be 18 years or older. 

Creative Collaborators - By signing this application, the exhibitor assures that he or she has direct, hands on involvement in the creation and execution of each piece of work to be exhibited.  Collaborating artists, if accepted, may show only their collaborative works and their names must be listed as collaborators on the show application.  Collaborators DO NOT INCLUDE BUSINESS PARTNERS who are not collaborating in the design and creation of the art displayed. The creative contribution of each artist in the collaboration must be identified on the application.

Rain or Shine Event - Agree to be present despite weather conditions.  Though rain is not common in the desert of Arizona, each participant is responsible for preparing their display to withstand weather fluctuations including rain and wind.

Only Original Work Permitted - All work - in every category - must be the original work produced by the exhibiting artist.  No "buy/sell" mass-produced component assembly, or other art that is not personally created and produced by the applying artist is permitted. Work which has been produced with commercially-acquired kits, molds, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms or other commercial methods is not permitted.

Unauthorized use of Licensed Images – If artist is using images that are licensed, the artist must have proof of authorization from original license holder. Artist will not be juried for the market if the artist fails to provide proof of authorization. If artist is juried in and is found using unauthorized images during the market, they will be asked to leave and not allowed to be a part of future markets.

Disclosure of Licensed Image Sales - If artist has sold or licensed images of original work to commercial concerns and those images which will be displayed at the market, the artist must disclose that licensing through on-site public disclaimer signage stating that some of the images being presented have been licensed for reproduction and may be found for commercial sale as reproductions being sold at discounted prices.

On-Site Set-Up/Strike Requirements – An e-mail containing load-in/load-out and booth assignment will be sent out three days before each week's market. Booths must be set-up by 10:45 a.m. on Sunday morning and open by 11 a.m. and remain open until the official close at 4:00 p.m. No packing up prior to 4:00pm. Free parking is provided in the City Hall Garage. The surface lot is reserved for customers.

On-Site Safety & Security - Applicants shall display all work at their own risk.  The 6th St. Market and Downtown Tempe Foundation, Inc. are not responsible for damage, theft or loss of artwork or display furnishings.  All participants are responsible for their own replacement, comprehensive and liability insurance.  Applicants must obey all pertinent safety codes and laws, including but not limited to fire, safety and parking regulations.  Canopy tents must be fire retardant.  The 6th St Market will take place rain or shine.  Canopies/tents must be tied down with a minimum of 40 pounds of weight on each leg at all times.

The 6th Street Market team reserves the right to remove vendors at their discretion.

Booth Information
While canopies are not required, if one is used it must be white and weighted with 40lbs per leg.

Booth Fees:
$35 per week (excluding December 3rd)
$110 December 3rd 
Artists purchasing 4 or more weeks receive a $10/week discount.  December 3rd does not receive this discount.

Once an accepted vendor, to participate in a Sunday market, you must register by the previous Wednesday at 5pm. For example, if you want to participate in the November 5th market, you must register by November 1st at 5pm.

Once accepted, you can purchase a spot for the weeks that you would like to attend the market.  Booths must be purchased for each Sunday by the prior Wednesday.  Accepted artists will receive the discount coupon to add if/when purchasing four or more booths.

Booth placement is done on a weekly basis to create the best layout for the event based on the artists/vendors that are participating.  We avoid placing like mediums next to each other.  Seasonally the market shifts onto the deck of city hall during the cooler months and in the the shaded area of the park during the warmer months.