Event Information

Sun Valley Center Arts and Crafts Festival 2018

Atkinson Park (900 3rd Ave North)
Ketchum, Idaho (West)

Phone: 208.726.9491
Event Dates: 8/10/18 - 8/12/18
Application Deadline: 2/28/18 Midnight MST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 6 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Sun Valley Jury Fee): $35.00

You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.


Event Summary

Atkinson Park- Ketchum,Idaho: August 10-12, 2018
Application Deadline: February 28, 2018
$35 non-refundable application fee
Join the Sun Valley Center for the Arts as they present the 50th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival. This Festival is an outdoor juried fine arts and crafts show located in beautiful Ketchum, ID. The Sun Valley Center for the Arts values and honors the work made by the individual artists. No commercial agents are allowed. This popular community event also includes artist demonstrations, food vendors and a children's activity area.

The Ketchum/Sun Valley area is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and is also brimming with culture and nightlife. In 2013 the City of Ketchum was ranked #3 among America’s Top 12 Small-Town ArtPlaces. It is home to a well-educated, sophisticated population who has chosen to make this mountain resort town home. Each summer Ketchum’s population swells to accommodate a large number of second home owners who come for the season as well as summer tourists who come for a week or weekend.  

The Festival takes place at Atkinson Park, which is in the community core and a few blocks from downtown Ketchum. This grassy park is a hub for both tourists and locals alike. For more information about the area, please visit https://visitsunvalley.com/.


General Information

Goals for the Sun Valley Center Arts and Crafts Festival
  • To honor artists and their craft by providing a welcoming venue to showcase and sell their art
  • Provide a robust PR and marketing plan to draw audience to the Festival
  • Provide an opportunity for our community, both locals and visitors, to learn about the national arts and crafts scene by interacting directly with artists and makers
  • Provide community economic impact

Artist Services
  • Scheduled set-up and tear-down times
  • Full-color festival program
  • Security provided from the end of the show each evening until the following morning and during tear down
  • Free booth-sitters
  • Free and convenient parking
  • Artist Breakfast on Saturday morning
  • $1,000 Best of Show Award, winner receives automatic acceptance the following year
  • Best of Category Award winners receive automatic acceptance the following year and a small cash prize
  • Referral services provided throughout the year

2018 Artist Calendar
December 1: Application becomes available
February 28: Application deadline
March 16: Notifications sent via email
May 4: Booth fee due
June 1: Booth fee refund deadline
August 9: Artist registration and set-up
August 10–12: 50th Sun Valley Center Arts & Crafts Festival 
Festival Hours: Friday 10am–6pm & Saturday and Sunday 10am–5pm

Contact Information:
Festival Director, Sarah Stavros: 208.726.9491 x 121 / festival@sunvalleycenter.org
Mailing Address: Sun Valley Center for the Arts, P.O. Box 656, Sun Valley, ID 83353
Physical Address: Sun Valley Center for the Arts, 191 5th Street East, Ketchum, ID 83340
Website: www.sunvalleycenter.org
Show Size
  • 130 Booth Spaces Total
  • 13 returning artists from 2017
  • Remaining slots will be filled through our jury process

Application Fees, Payments & Cancellation Information
  • $35 application fee required of all applicants and deposited upon receipt
  • Jury application fee is non-refundable
  • The Sun Valley Center for the Arts highly encourages artists to prepare digital images and apply online. In the event that an artist cannot apply through Zapplication, The Center will accept paper applications for an additional $50 processing fee, making the application fee $85.  Please contact festival@sunvalleycenter.org  or 208.726.9491 x 121 for more information.
  • Artists may choose to pay online with their Visa or Master Card. If you choose to pay by check, please make the check out to the Sun Valley Center for the Arts and mail it to: Sun Valley Center for the Arts, P.O. Box 656, Sun Valley, ID 83353.
  • Booth fee is due upon acceptance, deposited upon receipt. A full refund (less a 3% processing fee) will be given if written notification is received by June 1st.  Booth fees are nonrefundable after June 1st.  Any returned checks will incur a $25 penalty fee which will be payable immediately upon notification.

Application Information
The Sun Valley Center for the Arts uses the Zapplication System for processing all applications. To apply to our show please visit www.sunvalleycenter.org or www.zapplication.org. Artists may apply in multiple categories. For more information on this process please visit www.zapplication.org.  
Application Images
  • Six images must be submitted.
  • Five images should feature individual pieces that accurately represent the body of work to be exhibited; work shown in the images must be representative of current work and no more than five years old.
  • One booth shot is mandatory and must be representative of presentation and work to be displayed. Booth image will be used to determine scale of work, balance and overall presentation.
  • All images are juried anonymously so please be sure your name (or business name) does not appear anywhere in the image or in the image title.
  • Each set of six images submitted by an artist is viewed as a group. Each group of images is viewed by category in the order submitted to ZAPP.

Jury Criteria
The jury is asked to evaluate applications by following these general guidelines:
  • Original thought and intent
  • Strong overall concept
  • Excellence in craftsmanship
  • Consistency of style and presentation

Who makes up our jury?
The jury consists of a panel of 5-6 professional artists and collectors. The majority of the panel rotates on a yearly basis to ensure objectivity and a fresh festival annually. The same jurors who judge the festival applicants are also asked to judge Best of Show and Best of Category Awards during the Festival. Jurors are not compensated for their time, financially or otherwise.

Jury Process
  • Prior to scoring each category, jurors review all of the applicants’ images within the category.
  • During the jury, images are projected simultaneously onto a large screen, 3 across from left to right starting with #1.
  • The description of materials and technique submitted in each artist’s application is read aloud for the jurors and is an important tool for sharing unique qualities of the pieces represented and creative process.
  • During this time a member of the jury who is an expert or professional in the related field may be asked questions about certain techniques related to the category by the rest of the jury.
  • An overall score is awarded on a scale of 1-5 for quality, creativity, originality and craftsmanship.
  • Scores are then totaled for one cumulative score per artist, with 35 being the highest possible score.
  • Jurors are instructed to score independently and they do not discuss their scores with other jurors during the scoring process.

LOCAL ARTISTS: All local artists, those living in Blaine County (as full time residents), will automatically receive one point before jurying to encourage participation and ensure a positive environment for local artists.
JURY EXEMPTIONS: The Best of Show and Best of Category winners from the previous year are exempt from the jury process. The Best of Show winner may participate as a jury member for the following year. The Festival Director has final discretion on accepted artists.

  • Artists in all fine art and fine craft disciplines are welcome to apply.
  • Artists agree to be present during all show hours, all three da
  • Work shown can only be made by their own hands in only the category in which they are accepted.
    • Artists displaying work in categories other than the one for which they were accepted will be asked to remove the unaccepted work or to leave the Festival. 
  • Exhibited work should not be older than five years unless prior permission has been received from the Festival Director and all work should be for sale.
  • No commercial agents, dealers or manufacturers may enter. Kits, tumbled stones, embellished objects, manufactured objects, imported objects, mass-produced goods, exhibitor posters, edible items, candles and personal care items are unacceptable for sale during the Festival.
  • Offset printed reproductions cannot make up more than 20% of a booth and must be labeled as such with a clear definition of the reproduction process displayed and available for the general public.  Any artist displaying reproductions as their primary item for sale will be asked to remove reproductions or to leave the Festival. 
  • All artists must disclose materials and processes used in on-site signage. A standardized format for artist signage can be found at www.naia-artists.org. If two or more persons collaborate to produce original work, all must be identified on the application.
  • No more than one assistant may be in the booth with an artist at any time.
  • Raffles of any kind are not allowed.

Artists may choose only one category per application. However artists are welcome to apply in multiple categories. While a balanced show that showcases fine art and diversity of media is a principal objective, the Sun Valley Center Arts & Crafts Festival does not establish a quota in any category.  Please review category definitions carefully.
CERAMICS: Original functional and/or non-functional works created by the artist from clay, porcelain, stoneware, and/or earthenware. If multiple pieces of the same design are displayed, each piece must be signed. No machine made or mass produced work is permitted. Painted greenware is not eligible.
DRAWING:  Includes works created by the artist using dry media including chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencil, wax crayons, etc., or from fluid medium of inks and washes applied by pen or brush.
FIBER: All works crafted from fibers including leather, paper, basketry, embroidery, weaving, tapestry and papermaking. Machine tooling, machine screened patterns or miscellaneous forms of mass production are NOT permitted. No factory produced wearable items, regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artists, will be accepted.
GLASS: Works that have been crafted via glass blowing, molding, or casting, as well as works that have been kiln-formed. Works may be etched or engraved. Glass works may be functional or purely decorative in design.   No form of mass production is permitted.
JEWELRY: All jewelry, whether the work is produced from metal, glass, clay, fiber, paper, plastic or other materials.  No commercial casts, molds, mass production, or production studio work allowed.
METALWORK: Functional and 2D decorative, non-sculptural metal work. All sculptural work should be submitted within the sculpture category.
MIXED MEDIA: Includes 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional work that incorporates more than one type of material in their production.
PAINTING: Oil, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, etc.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Includes all photographic processes which begin with a camera lens. Photographers are required to disclose their creative process and printing process. All pieces must be signed, numbered and dated, in a limited edition. Prints must have been processed by the artist or under artist’s direct supervision. Prints must meet “archival quality” standards.  
PRINTMAKING: Prints are defined as multiple originals where the artists hand has manipulated the plates, stone, blocks, composite reliefs, or screens and which are properly signed and numbered in limited editions. Printmakers are required to disclose their creative and printing processes.
SCULPTURE: 3-dimensional original work done in any medium.
WOOD: Original hand-tooled, machine worked, turned or carved.

Booth Information

Booth Sizes, Fees and Other Booth Information
  • 10 x 10 tent = $450, $500 for a corner
  • 10 x 20 tent = $900, $1000 for a corner
  • Power is not available for artist booths
  • White and neutral colored tents only. Tents are required. No exceptions.
  • Artists are responsible for bringing, setting up, manning and tearing down their tent
  • Artists are not allowed to share a booth
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