Event Information

City2City : Music of the Arts

Westin LaPaloma Resort & Spa
Tucson, Arizona (West)

Event Dates: 10/4/18 - 10/7/18
Application Deadline: 8/17/18 Midnight MST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $42.00


Event Summary
City2City: Music of the Arts - An event for artisans produced by artisans, presented by Artisan’s Affinity Alliance, a national organization serving the needs of artisans.

Our mission is to “fill multiple gaps within a unique merchant’s industry; making available a “hub” where itinerant micro small business owners convene to establish industry standards, regulations, discover and expound upon innovative business opportunities, hone and enhance business, technical, and creative skills while offering guidance to new business owners through multiple educational pathways.” Forging creative disciplines, City2City: Music of the Arts will offer a variety of opportunities, for the inventive mind, to exhibit, engage, connect, and discover new pathways to increase their business bottom line!

General Information

Artisan’s Affinity Alliance was established in 2017 and caters to the desires of micro and small business owners in the creative sector. Out of need to showcase the works of art to a wider sector across the United States, “City2City: Music of the Arts” was launched. The hope is to forge meaningful relationships with businesses, governments, educational sectors, and organizations which support the arts in cities in the nation. The marketplace will be located on the hotel grounds, both indoors and outdoors, showcasing domestic and international craft exhibitors displaying quality and unique crafts. The marketplace is an opportunity to exhibit and sell your wares as well as adding to your existing customer base – City2City.
Dates: October 4-7, 2018 (rain or shine)
Location: Westin LaPaloma Resort & Spa, Tucson, Arizona
Average Annual Attendance: Inaugural Event
Program: Live music, crafts, educational (business) workshops, awards program.
Exhibitor Check-in Times:
·         Thursday: 8am-3pm
Selling Hours:
·         Thursday: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
·         Friday: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
·         Saturday: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Admission into the marketplace is selective and competitive. When choosing exhibitors, the selection committee will consider the following criteria:
• Distinctiveness of product
• Creativity in design
• Quality of craftsmanship
• Excellence in display

There is no Wait List . . . All decisions are final.


1) Booth space in the marketplace is for the use of craft exhibitors only. Corporations and commercial retailers, or representatives thereof, must purchase a Corporate/Commercial Exhibitor Booth.

2) Food or beverage that is to be prepared on site may not be sold in the marketplace.

3) The name “City2City: Music of the Arts” is a registered service mark of Artisan’s Affinity Alliance. Merchandise bearing this mark may not be produced, displayed, or sold.

4) Exhibitors are responsible for delivery, erection, removal, storage, and protection of their own displays, goods, and materials. Overnight storage is permitted on-site.

5) Tables, chairs, electrical cords, and tents are not provided by the event.

6) Exhibitors must display their work and staff their booth during all selling hours of the festival. Tents/tables may not be dismantled during festival operating hours.

7) Exhibitors will not be admitted after check-in hours. Refunds will not be given to late-comers or no-shows.

8) Exhibitors must dispose of all trash at end of event.

9) Exhibitors are responsible for lighting their individual booths after dark. Access to electrical power will be offered at a fee if your application is accepted.

10) Any extension cords used must be heavy-duty, three-prong outdoor type. Two-prong cords are not permitted.

11) Pets, alcoholic beverages, and open flames may not be brought on-site. Additionally, smoking is not permitted.

12) Music may not be performed or broadcast from any exhibitor booth.

13) Exhibitors are responsible for collecting and paying their own Arizona sales tax.

14) Please bring appropriate rain covers and ground coverings in case of rain. Any tent or canopy provided by exhibitor must be properly secured to ground in case of strong winds, if applicable.

15) Festival is not responsible for loss of or damage to exhibitors' property.

16) Booth assignments are determined on reasonable space. Early applicants are given priority in the assignment of booth locations. The event reserves the right to relocate an exhibitor/vendor to a better suited space, if necessary, otherwise, placement assignments are final. A staggered load in/out schedule will be sent to all vendors with exact times prior to the event. Once you are accepted the decision is final.

17) Exhibitors may not share, sublet, or assign space to other exhibitors.

18) Event reserves the right to request removal of displays which have been misrepresented on their application, as well as any work or displays deemed by the festival to be inappropriate. No exhibiting, soliciting, advertising, or selling is permitted outside of assigned booth space. No pets, alcoholic beverages, glass bottles, open flames, bicycles, tape recorders, amplified music or computers. Booth spaces are intended to accommodate two (2) people, more than two (2) people, additional people will be asked to depart the property.

19) You are advised not to purchase or prepare any materials or inventory for this event until your application has been officially approved.
20) Insurance and other licensing Information: You are required to and are responsible for securing and presenting general liability insurance policy. Phyllicia M. Hatton or any of its representatives will not be responsible for accidents or stolen items. A General Liability Policy must include the following company: Artisan’s Affinity Alliance (City2City: Music of the Arts). DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLE MERCHANDISE UNATTENDED.

Booth Information
All applicants are considered for three (3) categories:
ORIGINAL CRAFTS: These exhibitors showcase crafts/products handcrafted by the exhibitor, which may include paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, digital art, jewelry, textile goods, leather ware, ceramic ware, glassware, woodwork, metal ware, skin and hair care, candles. To qualify in this category, all work/products exhibited must be original and the artist must be present to show/sell their work. Original Craft exhibitors provide their own booth coverings.
Booth Fee: $450.00 per space
Non-Self-produced PRODUCTS: These vendors sell products handcrafted by a third party and mass produced. To qualify in this category, all work/products displayed, vendors must be present to show/sell their work. Non-Self-produced vendors provide their own booth coverings.
Booth Fee: $550.00 per space
CORPORATE/COMMERCIAL EXHIBITOR: If you are a corporation or business selling, demonstrating or exhibiting anything other than original crafts, you must apply as a commercial exhibitor.
Exhibit Fee: $800.00 per space