Event Information

Art Fair Jackson Hole August 2019

Miller Park
Jackson, Wyoming (West)

Phone: 307-733-6379
Event Dates: 8/9/19 - 8/11/19
Application Deadline: 3/18/19 Midnight MST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (AFJH Application Fee - August): $35.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary

Why Jackson Hole, Wyoming? Small mountain town, big art audience

We are located in the heart of the Teton mountain range; beautiful views, outdoor adventures, and Yellowstone National Park surround our small community that is vibrant with good food, music and culture. Art Fair Jackson Hole is located in Miller Park, two blocks from historic downtown, easy walking distance with plenty of free parking. A diverse and engaged art audience from locals, to second home owners and thousands of summer tourists. AFJH is produced by the Art Association of Jackson Hole a local non profit who provides art education, exhibitions, outreach to our community. We are artists advocating for artists; we strive to provide a high quality, well organized, professional show in our beautiful town.


Established in 1965, Art Fair Jackson Hole (AFJH) brings diverse forms of art to a community that is rich in western history. Our summer Art Fairs are family-oriented events that feature over 150 international, national and local artists; live music, food booths and hands-on art activities the 2nd weekends in July and August. AFJH attracts enthusiastic members of the public from our immediate community and from across the nation who are interested in supporting visual arts.  Entrance fee is $5/person, free for Art Association Members and kids 10 and under.

General Information

53rd Annual

Art Fair Jackson Hole

Jackson, Wyoming


July 12, 13 & 14 2019


The Art Association of Jackson Hole produces Art Fair Jackson Hole (AFJH). The Art Association of Jackson Hole is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to the education of visual arts. Established in 1965, the Art Association of Jackson Hole is a 501(c)(3) organization.





There are 158 spaces available and last year we received approximately 850 applications. Each year, 12,000 (6,000 per fair) art patrons attend our summer art fairs in the July and August.



Application Fees


Each application must be accompanied by the $35 jury fee non-refundable payment for each medium to be exhibited. Applicants must pay online.



October 15, 2018 - Begin Accepting Applications


March 11, 2019 - Application Deadline


March 18, 2019 - Jury Date


March 29, 2019 - Notification (By email. Please do not call.)


May 31, 2019 - Accept Invitation (via ZAPP). Purchase & Contract deadline*. No refund will be given after this date, except in the case of a medical emergency or accident.


* 90% refund if cancelation between March 29th and May 31st.


Booth Fees



$395: Single Booth Space (10’ x 10’)


$575: Double Deep Booth Space (10’ wide x 20’ deep)


$825: Double Wide Booth Space (20’ wide x 10’ deep)


$130: Corner Booth Supplement



Acceptance of Offer to Exhibit


An artist, who is selected by the jury and accepts our invitation to exhibit, has implicitly agreed to AFJH terms and conditions as set forth under Rules/Regulations and Legal Agreement. All booth fee payments must be received via ZAPP™ by AFJH by, or sent via U.S. Postal Service (USPS) with a postmarked date of May 31, 2019. Failure to respond by the deadline may result in revocation of the invitation. The applicant is responsible for keeping their ZAPP™ profile contact information current, which will in turn, notify AFJH of effective mailing and email addresses.



Cancellations & Fee


All cancelations must be received in writing via email or USPS. All cancellations are subject to an administrative fee of 10% of the previously confirmed booth fee. No refunds will be issued after May 31, 2018.



Applications will be electronically date-stamped upon receipt. Artists desiring corner locations, or having any other specific space requests, will be assigned spaces on a first-come, first served basis from the date their booth payment is received. Each exhibitor will be provided a space measuring 10' deep by 10' wide. Artists are to provide their own display tent, booth, racks, and/or tables in order to display their work in an outdoor environment. Electricity is NOT available for artists' use.



Generators are not allowed at Art Fair Jackson Hole.



Poster Artist Call for Entry


We want your art on our Art Fair Jackson Hole poster. Your art will appear on all of our Summer Art Fair marketing materials including; 200 12 x 18 posters, 200 tote bags, 18,000 brochures distributed throughout Teton County ID, and WY,  100s of flyers, the Art Association Website, social media marketing materials, and merchandise all with visible credit given to you, the artist. This is a great chance to market your work, giving you exposure to thousands of viewers. AND if you are selected to be the winner you receive a booth FREE of charge at BOTH Art Fairs.




We are looking for an iconic Jackson Hole image. This poster, in addition to having local appeal, becomes a memento and souvenir for out-of-town participating artists and tourists, thus it needs to communicate our region. The image must be a painting, drawing, mixed media or printmaking media image, no photography please. Please note, you are not designing the poster with typography, concept etc. We are purely looking for a compelling piece of artwork. Share something you have already created or make something new. Know that if you make something new for this entry that it may not be chosen. The image needs to be in vertical orientation. Since it will be printed out at its largest size at 12" x 18" please make sure the original size is close to those dimensions and scanned or photographed and made into a .jpg or .tiff at 300dpi. Please send your artwork to artfair@artassociation.org by the DEADLINE March 11, 2019.



14th Annual Emerging Artist Program sponsored by The Wort Hotel:


The Emerging Artist category is designed specifically for artists who have no experience exhibiting and selling their artwork in an art fair environment. Artists who meet this requirement of the Emerging Artist Program are encouraged to apply, however AFJH reserves the right to pre-screen emerging artists to make sure they are a fit for this category. Artists must apply through the Emerging Artist program. The application procedure and fees are the same as the regular applicants except that a one-paragraph artist statement via email to artfair@artassociation.org must be submitted prior to March 11, 2019. The jury will review images from Emerging Artists separately. Only one booth will be made available at each show for the artist accepted in this category. Please direct any inquiries regarding the Emerging Artist program to the Director.



Art Fair Jackson Hole Hours:


The Fairs hours are Friday and Saturday, 10AM to 6PM, and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM.





Before applying please make sure your work meets the following criteria. By applying you agree to abide by the rules, policies and decisions of AFJH. Submission of this application is regarded as a commitment to exhibit and adhere to the aforementioned rules set forth in this application. The Events Director will visit participating artists’ booths periodically throughout the fair to ensure compliance with the rules. Artists will be required to remove all work that is not in compliance. Persistent violation of the rules may result in expulsion from the Fair and ineligibility for future fairs.


Artwork must be original, designed and produced by, or under the direct supervision of the exhibiting artist.


In the case of reproduction work, you are expected to adhere to the 80% original and 20% reproduction on site rule and all reproduction work must clearly state that it is so.


No commercial reproductions, or embellished commercial products are allowed. Work done by a production studio is not acceptable. All work must be designed and executed by the accepted artist. BUY/SELL AND/OR IMPORTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.


If you produce work in editions, you must disclose edition numbers.


Artists may only show work in categories and body of work selected by the Jury. All work exhibited must be of the quality, category, and body of work of that shown in the images juried.


Artists are encouraged to prominently display an Artist Statement in their booth during the fair, with the artist’s picture, describing how and by whom the work is made, and the materials used to make the work. Educational information and demonstrations are encouraged but not required.


Artists must be present with their work for the entire three days of the fair. If the work is collaborative, each collaborator must be present. Representatives may not attend in place of the artist. All artists must check in at Fair Registration upon arrival.


All work must be for sale.


Artists who “No-Show” at any fair forfeit the right to apply to AFJH for 3 summers.



Exhibitors display all works at their own risk. AFJH is not responsible for damage, theft, or loss of an exhibitor‘s property, or personal injury resulting from participation in the Art Fairs. Assistance from festival staff will not be available for booth set-up or breakdown.





Artists retain all revenue from the sale of their work with no commission on sales due to AFJH. Exhibitors will be responsible for collection and declaration of 6% WY sales tax.





A single application representing multiple bodies of work in the same material must proportionately reflect what the artist intends to exhibit at the show. For example, if one type of work will predominate in the artist's display, it must predominate in the images that are submitted. The images must proportionately reflect what the artist intends to exhibit at the show.



Artists wishing to exhibit work produced in more than one media category must apply with separate online user ids, set of digital images and jury fee for each category. Only one application may be submitted per body of work represented. Multiple applications must represent either work in different media categories or distinctly separate bodies of work within one category. No advantage is gained by submitting multiple applications for the same body of work in multiple categories. If one application is accepted and another is wait-listed, the wait-listed work may not represent more than one-third of the entire booth. Once the artist’s number on the wait list is reached, the artist may include the wait-listed work in his/her booth in any proportion.



Digital Images


Image quality is of the utmost importance. Consider whether your images show your work clearly and to an advantage. Five (5) images are to be submitted for each individual media category entered by the artist. The images must accurately represent the body of work to be exhibited at AFJH. Four (4) images, numbered respectively #1 - #4, must be of individual pieces of work. Image number #5, must be of the booth display of the artist's work, showing overall continuity and presentation of your current body of work. The fifth image is mandatory. If a booth image is not available you may submit an image taken of a grouping of works representative of the works to be exhibited at the show.



The purpose of the booth image is to ensure that the artist has a complete body of work that is represented in the first 4 images as well as in image #5. It also helps identify the scale of the artist's work. Note: This is a blind jury process. No booth images with any identifying signage, photos of the artist or the artist’s name will be accepted.



Images must be in 1920 pixel horizontal x 1920 pixel vertical format, for more information access www.zapplication.org/imaging_tips.phtml.








The jury is comprised of 30 volunteer members, selected for their balanced knowledge of art and professional expertise. A diversity of backgrounds and skills is sought, including artists, educators, and fine art and contemporary craft gallery and museum owners/directors. AFJH jury includes 3-4 previous Art Fair artists as part of the jury panel. Each juror is given a charge to the jury, adapted from the NAIA, with a guideline to base his or her scores upon. Panelists are rotated annually so that new and experienced jurors serve together. ZAPP™ has no jurisdiction over the jury process. It is administered locally in Jackson Hole by the Director.





The five images in a single application will be shown to the jury simultaneously in a horizontal grouping on each juror’s individual computer station. ZAPP™ makes use of the sRGB color space. AFJH takes the issue of accurately viewing artists’ images very seriously and in order to insure this we use Eye-One Match, an advanced, external hardware calibration device, which calibrates the monitors to the correct luminance and color levels.



All applicants are juried anonymously and jurors are encouraged to begin with a full category overview. Local applicants receive an additional three points, ensuring a minimum ten percent local representation. The scores are computer-tabulated and booths are allocated to the highest scored applicants in each category. Consideration to balance of media is given to select the number of applicants from each category.



Scoring is 1 (low) to 5 (high). Jurors are encouraged to use the full range when scoring. Scoring is based on originality and creativity, design, technique, craftsmanship, and production methodology. All scores are combined for a grand total. Each member records his/her score anonymously. The process, materials, dimensions for each image and artist information statements will also be made available to the jury upon request. When a juror opens an image all the details will appear. Jury members may ask questions on technique and additional descriptions may be read upon request as provided by the artist in the application. Your 500 (maximum) character statement is required to include identification of medium and processes or techniques used, specific explanation of how work is produced, disclosure of number of employees (apprentices or assistants) and their role (if more than one) and if an outside source such as a foundry or printing lab, etc. is used.



If an artist is ultimately accepted to AFJH, image #1 will be used to represent the artist's work on the show-specific websites.



Approximately 150+ artists receive invitations to participate. This number varies based on the amount of double-wide booths offered. A wait list of alternates in each category is created from the scores immediately following those invited to exhibit. Decisions of the jury panel are final. AFJH reserves the right to decline any applicant at any time, in the event of unprofessional conduct, in the event of a no-show to any previous AFJHs, as well as to help balance its shows through the wait list system at the sole discretion of AFJH.



The Art Association of Jackson Hole produces Art Fair Jackson Hole. AFJH is the primary fundraising event for the Art Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the visual arts. Funds generated by this fair help support and develop our art education programs for children and adults, as well as programs for artists through exhibitions, scholarships, and classes.



No person shall on the grounds of race, color or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in an Art Association program or activity.


In order to secure your position in Art Fair Jackson Hole, please read the following contract. By completing an application to AFJH you agree to the rules and regulations below.


I.  Hold Harmless


Exhibitors display all works at their own risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Artist and related business partners shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Art Association, its staff, volunteers, subcontractors, and other agents as required by this agreement from all claims for bodily injury and property damage that may arise from performance of art fair participation to the extent of the negligence attributed to such acts or omissions by Artist and related business partners or anyone employed directly or indirectly by any of them or by anyone for whose acts any of them may be liable.


The Art Association’s Art Fair Jackson Hole reserves the right to remove any exhibitor for violation of any 2019 Exhibitor Contract regulations. If an artist is a “no-show” at any fair, they forfeit the right to apply to AFJH for 3 summers.


II.  Artwork


Exhibiting artists must be present during the entire fair. Artwork must be original, designed and produced by, or under the direct supervision of the exhibiting artist. Within the production of the art work created, the exhibiting artist may have one partner and two helpers working on the end product. A family business may consist of 5 members who work to achieve the final product under the direct supervision of the artist. No mass produced or manufactured work, workshop art, business with commercial representatives, dealers or manufacturers may exhibit. If the show committee finds for any reason that an exhibiting artist works outside the aforementioned rules, the committee will file an inquiry with the artist and reserves the right to withdraw the artist from future shows.


In the case of offset reproductions, the original juried work is preferred on site. All offset printed reproductions must be labeled as such with a clear definition of the reproduction process visibly displayed to the public. Artists must adhere to the booth percent quota, whereby 80% of your booth consists of original work and 20% may consist of reproduced work. AFJH reserves the right to request that you remove any work that does not fall within these guidelines. You may only exhibit work that reflects the medium and category in which you were juried.


III.  Artists Sales and Tax Collection


Artists are responsible for collecting 6% Wyoming Sales Tax. Artists must complete and mail in the sales tax forms provided by the State of Wyoming at registration within 30 days of each show.


The State of Wyoming maintains a list of all artists exhibiting in the show.  Artists who fail to report sales tax will be liable to the State of Wyoming and not permitted into future shows until all accounts are current.  Wyoming artists who have a Wyoming Tax number may file with their annual or monthly reporting. Tax payments must be a check or money order and made payable to the State of Wyoming. Send payments to the address posted on your tax forms. Please address any tax inquiries to 307-734-9354.


IV.  Registration


Registration is the Thursday (July 11) before the show. You must register Thursday to receive your artist packet and any special updates. Artist Registration is held under the main tent in the center of Miller Park. Anyone arriving after 6pm on registration day will need to locate a security guard at Miller Park to receive your packet.


V. Set-Up, Tear Down, Loading, and Unloading


Exhibitors set up the Thursday prior to the show during their scheduled set-up time. The set-up time is designed to allow 25-30 vehicles to efficiently and quickly unload every hour and a half. There is absolutely no early-setup, whether prior to registration or before your designated set-up time. Please do not be early or late for your set-up time as parking is carefully gauged throughout the day. Load-in times and booth assignments will be emailed to you on Friday, June 21,2019.


Tear down may begin any time after Sunday at 4:00PM, the fair’s official closing time. Exhibitors must not close their booths or pack before this time. Booths must be open for business during the advertised fair hours throughout the entire weekend.


The Town of Jackson Police Department will be patrolling throughout the day on Thursday and the fair weekend. You may temporarily park around Miller Park only during your designated load-in time on Thursday prior to the show. The Police Department may ticket or tow your vehicle if your vehicle is improperly parked in a red zone, in front of a fire hydrant, double-parked, or otherwise performing an illegal maneuver. Please plan accordingly to unload in the hour and a half time interval. You may continue to set-up only after you have moved your car to a legal parking space away from the immediate vicinity of Miller Park.


Vehicles are not permitted on Art Fair Grounds at any time.  Please bring a hand cart to assist in loading your wares to and from your booth. If damage to turf results from your booth setup or breakdown, you will be charged by the Park and Recreation Department of Jackson Hole. See section VI, Parking Regulations for further information on Parking.


VI.  Parking Regulations


THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIST PARKING AROUND MILLER PARK AFTER YOUR DESIGNATED SET-UP TIME AND DURING OPERATING HOURS OF THE FAIR. These spaces immediately around the show site are for shopping patrons. Please respect your fellow artists and patrons by moving your vehicles and trailers promptly after unloading. If you are found parking around Miller Park during the fair, you will be asked to remove your vehicle. If you do not do so immediately the Art Association reserves the right to refuse future acceptance to AFJH on this basis. If it is absolutely necessary to park around the fair we recommend booking accommodations at one of the surrounding hotels.


VII.  Canopy


Exhibitors must arrive at the fair equipped with their own, well-secured, canopy for their 10 x 10, 10 X 20, or 20 X 10 booth space setup. Exhibitors must furnish their own display facilities. Stakes and weights must be used, in case of high winds. We can experience unpredictable mountain weather.  Be prepared!  You are responsible for liability and personal property insurance. No printed “Sale” or “Discount”-type signage is allowed on or in the tents.


VIII.  Security


Security is provided on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 6:00PM - 8:00AM.  Name tags are provided to the artists and must be worn during show hours. If you desire admittance to your booth after or before show hours you must wear your name tag so that you can be easily identified by security patrol. You may be asked for photo ID. Please be polite and accommodating as security is doing their job to keep artist’s valuable artwork safe.


VIIII.  Electricity


Electricity is NOT available for exhibitor booths.


X.  Clean Up


Exhibitors are required to clean up their booth space of all trash (micro and macro) and haul it to the trash can located on the corner of Deloney and Jackson Street, by the port a potties.  Please do not leave trash in the smaller cans located throughout the park. The Art Association will not tolerate trash left behind. Leaving the park as we find it is imperative for securing this site for future summer art fairs. If the Parks and Recreation Department has to provide additional staff to clean up where an artist has left behind trash, you will be charged. We appreciate your help in this matter.


XI.  No Pets


PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE MILLER PARK LAWN PER CITY ORDINANCE 7.12.135.  Under no circumstance should artists bring their pet(s) into the fair. Pet sitting services are available by vendors here in Jackson. Please contact the Events Director for more information.


XI.  Emergencies

If there is a medical emergency, please call 911 and then notify the Events Director. For minor cuts and bruises the Art Association Admin Tent is equipped with a first aid kit. Lost children should be directed to an entrance or information booth where volunteers will contact the Director. If you need to reach the Director on the Thursday prior to the show, please call 307-413-8592 to leave a message.


By completing an application to AFJH through Zapplication.org, I confirm that I have read and understand the above 2019 Exhibitor Contract and agree to its contents.

Booth Information

$395: Single Booth Space (10’ x 10’)

$575: Double Deep Booth Space (10’ wide x 20’ deep)*

$825: Double Wide Booth Space (20’ wide x 10’ deep)*

$130: Corner Booth Supplement*


*A limited number of double booth spaces and corners will be available. Booth space assignments will be assigned based on the submission date of the application on ZAPP™.

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