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Mystic Outdoor Art Festival 2019 - 62nd Annual

2 miles in Historic Downtown Mystic
Mystic, Connecticut (Northeast)

Phone: (860) 572-9578
Event Dates: 8/10/19 - 8/11/19
Application Deadline: 4/29/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury Fee): $55.00


Event Summary
The Mystic Outdoor Art Festival is the oldest of its kind in the Northeast region, and draws more than 85,000 people from around New England and beyond during this two day event. As a juried art show, the Art Festival serves an audience of discriminating art enthusiasts, as well as weekend visitors and residents from surrounding communities including Groton, New London, Waterford, and southern Rhode Island.
Hosted by the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce, the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival will be celebrating its 62nd year on Saturday, August 10 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, August 11 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. along the streets of Historic Downtown Mystic, CT.
The festival showcases over 230 artists, with more than two miles of arts and crafts including oils, watercolors, photographs, pastels, sculpture, woodwork, comics, acrylics, and more. The Mystic Outdoor Art Festival (MOAF) is free of charge to visitors, and features activities and artwork for all ages to enjoy, including a Children's Art Park.

General Information
All work submitted for application must be original. It must be created by hand or with the use of appropriate tools, by an individual artists and/or helped from a limited number of assistants/apprentices. Works must be of high quality, be well-designed, and convey artistic originality and vision. Work will be accepted based on these criteria. Exhibitors must warrant that all work is handcrafted. Only work of the same medium, quality, and nature as that submitted for jurying may be displayed and sold.
Works that will not be accepted: objects from commercially available kits, parts or patterns; any objects/works made from premanufactured molds; embellished commercial objects and clothing; factory-made items; pre-assembled jewelry. Such items and/or others that are deemed unacceptable for exhibit may be removed from the show at the discretion of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce and Mystic Outdoor Art Festival Committee without prior notification and/or refund. Painting, photography, sculpture and hand-pulled prints are acceptable.
Works will be accepted in the following categories:
Fine Arts
Painting (includes acrylics, oils)
Mixed Media
Fine Crafts
Jurying/Selection Process
The jurors will review the artist’s digital files and score each artist’s work with a numerical score. Exhibitors are chosen from those applicants with the highest numerical score in each category. Individual scores will not be released. Those scoring just below the cut off score will be added to a waiting list in case a booth space becomes available. Cut off scores may vary from one medium to another, and the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce and Mystic Outdoor Art Festival Committee reserves the right to balance the show. Notifications of acceptances will be sent out on May 6, 2019.
Waiting List
If an exhibitor is placed on a waiting list, he/she will be notified immediately if a space becomes available. Booth fees will not be required until an exhibitor is notified of his/her acceptance.

When applying, you will be required to submit with your application 5 images, including one booth shot. If no booth shot is available or applicable, please designate an image of a piece of work on your artist profile as the booth shot to fufill this requirement or the application will not be accepted.
Image Specifications 
All images must be formatted to the following specifications in order to upload them successfully into the system. Images not meeting these specifications will return an error message.
  1. Recommended Dimensions: 1920 pixels on the longest side.
    • Note: To assist artists who do not have images that are 1920 pixels or larger, the system will also accept images that are at least 1400 pixels on the longest side.
  2. File Format: Save all images as Baseline Standard JPEG. Do not save as a Progressive JPEG.
  3. File Size: JPEGs must be under 5.0 MB.
  4. Color space: Save images in RGB color space, preferably sRGB.
Image Preparation and Tutorials
For more information about your images and preparing them to upload, please visit our ZAPP® Image Preparation page. For specific help and tutorials with image editing programs and professional photography resources, please visit our ZAPP® Tutorials and Resources page. 

How To Find JPEG File Size
1. Close out of your photo editor.
2. Locate the jpeg file saved on your computer.
3. Highlight or select the jpeg file.
4. PC users right click and select Properties. MAC users click on File in the top left corner and scroll down to Get Info
You will see the final file size. If your file is larger than the recommended file size, re-save to decrease the file size. 

How To Re-save to Decrease File Size
1. Re-open the jpeg in PhotoShop or comparable photo editor.
2. Go to Save As and the JPEG Options dialogue box will pop up.
3. Change the Quality setting to 11 or 10 and click OK.
Following these steps will decrease the file size and safely retain the image quality.
Image Re-sizing Tools
Here are two online tools which were designed by ZAPP® users. Either of these tools will re-size images if you don't have access to any photo-editing equipment.

Please contact the ZAPP Artist Support Team with any issues.
Artists can contact our artist support team at the information below. 

Sales Tax: All exhibitors must have a valid Connecticut tax identification number and will be responsible for collecting and remitting CT sales tax. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to find out if their work qualifies for exemption. Exhibitors may submit an application without a tax certificate, but they must have their certificate before they can participate in the event. The registration fee is $100, and it takes approximately 15-20 days to get your permit once you register online.
Exhibitors can apply for a tax number online at:
Exhibited Work: Only work of the same medium, quality, and nature as that submitted for jurying may be displayed and sold. The Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce and Mystic Outdoor Art Festival Committee reserves the right to ask for removal of work that is not consistent with the work that was juried or that does not conform to the show’s merchandise requirements.
Booth Staffing: Exhibitors and/or representative staff of assistants must be on hand and available to the public for all public hours of the event. Committee volunteers are available to provide 15 minute "rest breaks" depending on availability of volunteers.
Booth Setup/Breakdown: Setup time is from 6am until 10am on Saturday. All setup must be completed by 10am on Saturday. No exceptions. Stonington and Groton Police along with Town ordinances require setup after dawn on August 10 and teardown at dusk by August 11. Any exhibitor who closes their display early on either day may be disqualified from future participation in the event. Absolutely no early setup. Exhibitors cannot block entrances to businesses and those setting up near churches are urged to accommodate worshippers on Sunday before noon. Do not block access to walkways. Artists are responsible for setup and breakdown of their own booth spaces. Assistance with booths is not provided unless specific circumstances have been negotiated with the GMCC prior to the Festival date. Exhibitors may leave their booths intact Saturday night, however, with limited security, Mystic Outdoor Art Festival and the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce are not responsible for damage or theft to booths, property, art, vehicles, etc. 

Booth Display: Each participant is preassigned a 10' x10' space. Racks must be able to withstand crowds and winds. Booths set up in the street must comply with depth restriction per order of the Fire Marshall. Artists must be prepared to straddle the sidewalk. Due to the nature of a sidewalk show, space and layout is not an exact science. Reference markings in problem areas will be in place. Compliance with exhibit size limits will be strictly enforced. Nonconforming booths will be removed and/or artists will not be invited back. No artwork may be displayed on the back or sides of the booth. Electric lights or any other appliances in exhibit area are prohibited.
Weather: Mystic Outdoor Art Festival takes place rain or shine, unless the police or fire chief deem it unsafe. Exhibitors should be prepared for every type of weather.
Booth Location: Booth space and locations are assigned based on the discretion of the Event Director and Mystic Outdoor Art Festival Committee. Prior year's assignments do not guarantee the same location. The use of location is restricted to whom it is assigned.
Application Deadline: Applications must be received by April 29, 2019. Applications received after this date will only be reviewed on a space only basis. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after the jury date.
Cancellation/Refunds: Notice of your intent to withdraw from the event must be in writing. Except for a $75 processing fee, the booth fee will be refunded in full if a written cancellation is received on or before June 7, 2019. Cancellations after June 7, 2019 will NOT be refunded.
Hardship and Last Minute Cancellations: Cancellations that occur due to emergencies or hardships will be handled on an individual basis. The exhibitor may be asked to provide proof of the circumstance before a decisions can be made about a refund. The amount of the refund is at the discretion of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce and Mystic Outdoor Art Festival Committee and will vary by case.
Security and Safety: There will be police presence through set up, breakdown and festival hours. The Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce and Mystic Outdoor Art Festival Committee assumes no responsibility for damage, theft or loss of exhibitors work, personal property or display. We urge all exhibitors to carry their own insurance.
Amenities, Accommodation & Travel:
  • Mystic Outdoor Art Festival is conveniently located in downtown Mystic near many local shops and restaurants.
  • Many local hotels offer a special discount for Art Festival artists. The list of participating will be available in 2019.
  • A complimentary Artist’s award breakfast will be held on Sunday August 11th prior to opening of the festival. More details will be available as it get closer.
  • Volunteer booth sitters are available during the event, so that exhibitors may take a 15 minute break if needed.
  • Detailed set-up instructions and complete list of FAQs about the event will be sent to exhibitors upon acceptance. 

Booth Information
Jury/Application Fee: $55, payable at time of application EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $20 OFF IF APPLY BY March 29, 2019 with coupon code: MOAF2019! (exclamation point included) 
Single Booth Fee: $350 each, payable upon show acceptance following jury in May
Double Booth: $650, payable upon show acceptance following jury in May
  • Applications must be received by April 29, 2019 accompanied by a jury fee. Applications received after this date will only be reviewed on a space only basis. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after the jury date.
  • Notifications of acceptance and invitation to the show will be emailed or mailed by May 6, 2019. No notification by telephone will be given prior to this date. Artists must accept the invitation accompanied by appropriate booth fees by June 7, 2019. No booth fees will be collected before the jury date,
  • Except for a $75 processing fee, the booth fee will be refunded in full if a written cancellation is received by June 7, 2019. Cancellations after this date will NOT be refunded.

In compliance with recent public safety protocol mandated by local law enforcement agencies, the layout of the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival will be modified for 2019. Booth assignments and locations will be subject to change in 2019.  Notifications will be forthcoming for any artists who may be impacted by the mandated changes. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 
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