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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Management

I don’t remember my username or password. How do I get into my account?

  1. To reset your password, click Forgot Password? to send a password reset link to the email address associated with your account. 
  2. To retrieve your username, click Forgot Username? to send your username to the email address associated with your account. 

ZAPP accounts are disabled after 24 months of inactivity. If your account is disabled, please email for assistance. 

How do I update my email address?
Keeping your email up to date ensures you never miss an event update and can always gain access to your account. You can update your email address at any time by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click My Profile through either the header of ZAPP or the menu 
  3. The page will open on Contact Information
  4. Enter your new email address in the Email Address field.
  5. Click Save

How do I stop receiving emails from ZAPP?
You can unsubscribe ZAPP system emails; however, we occasionally email important notices about system maintenance, new features, and site issues. To unsubscribe, click My Profile through either the header of ZAPP or the menu. Find the “Email Notifications” section and uncheck any or all communication boxes. Click Save to ensure your preferences are updated. Unsubscribing from ZAPP emails will not prevent event administrators from emailing you application updates. 

Can we apply as a team? 
Yes! Follow these steps to add a team member to your account:

  1. Click My Profile through either the header of ZAPP or the menu 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of Contact Information and choose “team” next to the question,  “Are you an individual or a team?”
  3. Select Teams & Associates
  4. Enter your collaborator’s name
  5. Click Save

Where do I add associates?
Associates can be added through your ZAPP profile.

  1. Click My Profile through either the header of ZAPP or the menu
  2. Scroll to the bottom of Contact Information and select “yes” next to the question, “ “Do you work with associates?”
  3. Click Teams & Associates
  4. Enter up to three associates
  5. Click Save

Application Management

Where do I find events that are accepting applications?
Open applications can be found by logging in and selecting Apply to Shows from the menu. If you do not see the “Apply to this Show” button, it is for one of two reasons.

  1. You have submitted the maximum number of applications the event allows.
  2. You are on the Events List page. Events List displays all events that use ZAPP for their applications — even those that are not accepting applications.  
What are the full and compact views of the Events Calendar?
The full view, available only on desktop computers, displays the name of every event with an event start date, application deadline, or application open date in the chosen date range. The compact view, available on both desktop and mobile devices, gives an overview of the month's activity. Full event cards are listed under the calendar for the day selected in both views. 

Can I start an application and finish it later? 
Yes! So long as you save your work before leaving your application, it will retain previously entered information. To finish an application you started, go to My ZAPPlications and click the Complete button associated with the started application. 

Can I apply to an event a second time? 
Certain shows on ZAPP allow artists to apply multiple times though each have their own rules regarding multiple submissions. Be sure to check the event’s prospectus before submitting an additional application.

  1. In order to submit another application, select the show you wish to apply to again from your My ZAPPlications page.
  2. Click the Apply to this Show button and fill out the application.
  3. Purchase the application fee to submit your application.

I applied to a show but I do not see my application. Where is it?
Some artists using ZAPP have multiple accounts. Be sure that you are logged into the correct account for your application. To retrieve a list of your usernames associated with a specific email, fill out the  Forgot Username? field on the Login page. If you still need assistance locating your application, email us at for assistance.

What does my application status mean? 

  • Started: You have started the application but have not submitted it to the event. 
  • Ready for Submission: Your application is completely filled out and is ready to submit. The event has not received your application and cannot view your application until you purchase the application fee or jury fee and submit your application.
  • Awaiting Payment by Check: The event has received your application and is waiting for your check payment. Check payments should be mailed directly to the event.
  • Received: You successfully submitted your application. The event has received the application.
  • Incomplete: The event administrator is requesting or allowing you to make modifications to your application. You can re-submit without incurring additional application/jury fees
  • Exception: The event administrator is requesting or allowing you to make modifications to your application after the application deadline. You should re-submit before the jury process begins. 
  • Withdrawn: You have contacted the event and withdrawn your application.
  • Jury in Progress:  The jury process has started. Applications are being scored.
  • Invited: The event has invited you to participate.
  • Not Invited: The event has not invited you to participate. 
  • Accepted: You have accepted the event's invitation to participate.
  • Declined: You have declined the event's invitation to participate.
  • Confirmed: You have purchased a booth and/or confirmed your intent to participate in the event.

The list above reflects the way these statuses are typically used; however, events may have different processes. You should contact the event directly if you have questions about your application status. 

How can I make a change to an application that I already submitted? 
Each event has its own policy about opening applications after submission. You should contact the event administrator and request that your application status be changed from Received to Incomplete. This will allow you to go back into your application and make changes to text and/or images. You will not be required to pay the jury/application fee again upon re-submission. 

Once your status is in Incomplete:

  1. Click Complete under the application
  2. Make any requested and/or desired edits
  3. Click Save and Preview
  4. Click Re-submit to move your status back to Received

I'm not seeing a place to submit images on my application. How do I complete my application?
Some events may choose not to collect images through ZAPP. If you have questions about the application process for an event that is not collecting images, we recommend reaching out to the event organizers for more information. 

How do I change the order in which my images appear to the jury? 
The order you select your images in determines the order they are viewed by the jury. If a booth shot was required, it will always be last. If you wish to change the order, simply deselect and reselect the images in your desired order. Each image will have a number in the upper left hand corner once it is selected. 

How do I archive my applications?
Archiving applications is an easy way to help organize your My ZAPPlications page. Applications can be archived after the event has passed or if your application is in the Not Invited or Withdrawn statuses. 

  1. Go to My ZAPPlications.
  2. Find the application you wish to archive and click Archive.
  3. Select any additional applications you wish to archive.
  4. Click Archive Selected Entries.

If you archived an application by mistake or want to unarchive an application, email us at

Image Management

My images will not upload. What should I do?
First, check that you have formatted your image according to the ZAPP specifications. These requirements exist to help ensure your images appear equitably for the jury.

Image Specifications

  • At least 1400 pixels, preferably 1920 pixels, on the longest edge
  • Under 5 MB
  • File types accepted: JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP
  • ​Between 72 and 300 dpi

You can also review our How to Upload Images page for more information.

How do I delete old images?
Deleting images frees up space in your portfolio and will not remove the image from any application it is attached to. 

  1. Select My Portfolio from the menu.
  2. Click on the image you wish to delete.
  3. Click on the Delete button.
  4. When the pop up appears, click Yes.


I have purchased my booth but I still see the option to purchase a booth on the checkout page. Did my payment go through?
The checkout section displays all of the products you are eligible to purchase until the event’s purchase deadline has passed. ZAPP displays red text stating “Already Purchased” next to any products you have previously purchased. You can view your purchases by going to My ZAPPlications and sorting by Payments Made. Clicking on a transaction will bring up your receipt, which was also emailed to the email address associated with your ZAPP account.

How do I get a refund for something I purchased?
To get a refund for a product purchased on ZAPP, you will need to contact the event administrator. While payments are made through ZAPP, the funds collected are the property of the events and only event administrators can authorize a refund.

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