How to Apply

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Creating an account

Like most online systems, the first step is to register for a new account. Registration is free and provides you with the opportunity to receive weekly emails and event mailings about upcoming events and important deadlines.

  1. Click the blue "Register Now" button in the top, right-hand corner of the page
  2. Fill out your profile information
  3. Agree to the ZAPP® system terms and conditions.

All items in bold print are required fields. Once registered, you can visit your profile to change your communication settings and other basic user information. If at anytime your profile information should change, you may return to your profile to update it.

After registering for ZAPP®, you will have full access to the system. You can view upcoming events, deadlines, and begin applying to events online. Please note: You will not be able to apply to any shows until after you upload images to your Portfolio.


Where to Find Events

After preparing and uploading your images, you will be ready to apply to an event. To view a complete list of events with open applications, click the "Apply to Shows" button on the right-hand side of the page after you have logged on to the ZAPP® system. Events can be sorted by event name, start date, application deadline, and region.

If you would like to view expanded information about the event or wish to apply to the event, you can click on the name of the event or the "View More Info" link. The event prospectus will display information about the event, such as policies and requirements.

On the event prospectus page, please note the following:

  • An "Apply to This Show" button is located on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Clicking the event's logo will take you to the event's external website in a new window or new tab.
  • Event dates, deadline, and time remaining before the close of an application can be found under the event's logo.
  • The "Requirements" section lists the number of images required by the event.

Please read the entire prospectus before you apply to an event. If you have additional questions about the event, you should contact the event administrator directly.

Applying to an Event

Click on the "Apply To This Show" button in the upper right-hand or bottom right-hand corner of the event prospectus page. You will see the event's terms and conditions to which you must agree to in order to proceed with the application. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for important information about the event's qualifications and policies. Once you click on the "Agree" button you will see the full application. 

Complete the application by selecting a medium category and answering the questions. All questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Be sure to save your application often in case your Internet connection is lost or your user session expires.

Selecting Images

The image section at the bottom of the application will display thumbnail images of the contents of your portfolio. Choose the images you want by selecting the check box underneath the corresponding thumbnail. Each event requires a specific number of artwork images. Select the correct number of images and click the "Save Application" button at the bottom of the page. If you have not completed all required sections, you will be prompted to address any remaining items on the application.

Finalizing Image Order

The Image Order page will display the sequence that the jury will see your images. To change the order, drag the samples into your desired location and click “Select Sample Order.” Please note that the booth shot is grayed-out because its order can not move. Booth shots always appear last. 

On this page, you also have the option to:

  1. Go back to the application to change your answers or images.
  2. Preview your application.
  3. Preview the way your images will appear to a juror.
  4. Checkout and submit your application using the ZAPP® Shop. (Please note: you are not obligated to complete the application process at this time. You may return later and checkout.)

Submitting an Application and using the ZAPP® Shop

After you have completed your application and are ready to submit, the next step is to pay the application fee. You may proceed to the ZAPP® Shop in multiple ways:

  1. Click the "Checkout" button after you have sorted your images.
  2. Select the "ZAPP® Shop" button on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. Click the "Checkout" link on the "My ZAPPlications" page.


ZAPP® Shop

On the ZAPP® Shop page, you'll find all items that are available for you to purchase for any event. Add the desired product by clicking the "Add" link in green. The item will appear in your shopping cart. Click “Review Cart” to proceed. If you want to remove items from your cart, click “Empty Cart.”

Confirm your total, select your payment method from the drop-down menu and click the highlighted payment type button. Although PayPal is the first option listed on the page, you can use the drop-down menu under the Payment Type column to pay by credit card or check if the event is accepting those methods of payment.

Paying with PayPal: You will be taken to the PayPal website where you will log into your PayPal account and complete the transaction.

Paying with credit card: You will advance to a page where you can input your credit card information.

Paying with check: You will advance to a page where you can input your check number. You will send the check directly to the event, and the address will be on the next page.

Credit card and PayPal information will automatically save in the system. Users can delete payment methods by clicking the red 'X' next to the payment type. 

NOTE: If your event has provided you with a coupon code you may enter it in the coupon code box and click OK.


Submitting the application and payment

When you are finished, click the "Submit" button complete the checkout process and submit your application to the event. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase to the email address listed in your ZAPP® profile. Please retain this email for your records.
Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your application.


Submitting Multiple Applications from one Profile

Want to apply to a show in more than one category? Click HERE to view a tutorial now.

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