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How to Apply

How to Apply to Events


  1. Register for ZAPP
  2. Prepare and Upload Your Images
    Not all applications require images to be submitted with the application. If you do not need to upload images to submit your application, you can proceed to the next step. 
  3. Locate an Event
  4. Complete the Application
  5. Checkout your Application Fee and Submit
  6. ‚ÄčApply Multiple Times

Watch our How to Apply video here.

Log in and open the Menu in the top left corner. Select Apply to Shows to view a complete list of events that are accepting applications. Select Events List to view a list of all events on ZAPPlication.


Search for an event with a simple keyword or filter by specific criteria.                                         

You can also sort the entire list by event name, start date, application deadline, or Invite-Only events. 

TIP: Clicking the heart icon next to an event marks it as a favorite. While logged in, you can filter your search to show only your favorites. Events you favorite will also stay marked from year to year so you can keep easily see your top events!



After you have read the entire event prospectus and are ready to apply, click the Apply to this Show button located at the top of the page under the event’s logo. If the event is an Invite-Only event, you will need to enter the access code before clicking the Apply to this Show button and filling out an application. If you do not have the access code, you will need to contact the event. 



TIP: If you have questions about the event, click the CONTACT EVENT button to email the event directly. 

Before starting the application, you must agree to the event’s terms and conditions. Once you click on the "Agree" button you will see the full application. 

Answering Application Questions
When filling out the application, remember that required fields are in bold and must be answered to submit your work. 


TIP: Click the Save and Continue button often to avoid losing your work in case your Internet connection is lost or your session expires. 


Attaching Images to the Application
For events on ZAPP requiring image submissions with the application, you will see two separate sections at the bottom of your application. The first will display the required number of images. Many events also require a booth shot. Once you have selected the thumbnails of the work you wish to include, they will display within the Selected Samples to Submit box.  

The second section displays thumbnails of the images uploaded to your portfolio. Select the images you want to add to the application and keep in mind that the order in which you select images is the order in which they will appear to jurors. Click "Change Image Order" to edit the order your images will be viewed in.


Once you are satisfied with your selection, click the Save and Preview button at the bottom of the page to see a preview of your completed application.


Once you are ready to submit your application, proceed to the ZAPP Shop check out. For shows that do not charge an application fee, you will still need to complete checkout for your free application. 

Watch our How to Checkout for Applications on ZAPP here.

Click the Checkout button on the Application Preview page.  


Click on the My Cart button on the upper right hand side of the screen.

Within the ZAPP Shop, you will find all items that are available for you to purchase for any event. Add the desired product by clicking the green Add icon. The item will appear in your cart. Click Next Step to proceed.


In section 2, Update Quantities, you can review the items in your shopping cart. Ensure that item description, quantity, and price match what you are intending to purchase. If you have a coupon, click the Next Step button. If you do not wish to enter any coupons, select Payment Information.

Enter your coupon, if applicable, in section 3, Add Coupons. For our detailed guide on checking out with a coupon, take a look at our Checking Out with a Coupon guide. Click the Apply button to apply the discount and then click Next Step to proceed.

In section 4, Payment Information, use the Payment Method drop-down menu to select how you want to pay. Remember that events decide what payment types they will accept. Not all events will accept checks or credit card payments.


Paying with PayPal
You will be taken to the PayPal website where you will log in to your PayPal account and complete the transaction. 


Paying with a Credit Card
You will advance to a page where you can input your credit card information. 


Paying with a Check
You will advance to a page where you can input your check number. You will send the check directly to the event, and the address will be listed on the receipt.

To complete checkout and submit your application, click the Submit button. You will receive a receipt of your purchase to the email address listed in your ZAPP profile. You may also review your receipt by clicking the payment listed on your My ZAPPlications page. 

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your application.

Looking to Submit Multiple Applications to One Show?
Certain shows on ZAPP allow artists to apply multiple times. To submit another application, select the show you wish to apply to again from your My ZAPPlications page, click the Apply to Show button, fill out the application and checkout completely using the steps listed above.

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