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Myths About ZAPPĀ®

The ZAPP® team is often contacted by artists who are concerned about the role that the ZAPP® system plays within the field of art fairs and festivals. Below are clarifications to some common misconceptions about ZAPP®.

ZAPP® is built for computer-savvy people, not for artists.
ZAPP® was built with the artists in mind and employs a user-friendly interface. ZAPP® constantly listens to artist feedback to ensure that we are improving the system in ways that respond to artists' needs.

Artists have to pay a fee to have a ZAPP® artist account.
ZAPP® is free for artists to use. There are no fees charged to artists when they create a profile or manage a portfolio of images. Most events charge an application fee when artists apply and each event determines its own fee structure.

ZAPP® will verify that artists' images look good for the jury.
The ZAPP® team cannot provide advice or opinions regarding the quality of artists’ images. Visit the Tutorials and Resources section for a listing of professionals who can help artists prepare images for jurying.

ZAPP® pre-juries my artwork.
The ZAPP® system does not pre-jury, jury, or otherwise judge artwork in any way. Beyond providing an interface for events to conduct their juries, ZAPP® has no involvement in jurying or in directing any show processes or policies.

ZAPP® controls the environment for each jury.
Each art fair determines and controls its own jury environment. The ZAPP® team offers recommendations for professional jury settings, but does not dictate specific standards for the jury environment.

I have never been accepted to any ZAPP® show. ZAPP® must be doing something...
ZAPP® provides a Web-based, art-fair management tool for events - and nothing more. ZAPP® system limitations do not allow ZAPP® administrative users to shape or influence acceptance to shows.

ZAPP® can set policies for shows and answer policy-related questions for artists.
Each event using the ZAPP® system creates its own rules and regulations. Questions about eligibility, application content and protocol, fees, adjudication processes, and other issues related to the management of an event, should be directed to the event.

ZAPP® is responsible for enforcing each show's policies and procedures.
While we strongly encourage all ZAPP® events to be professional, transparent, and ethical about event policies and procedures, each event is solely responsible for enforcing policies and following procedures specific to their event. 

ZAPP® is owned and operated by an evil, greedy group.
ZAPP® is managed by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), a non-profit arts service organization with extensive experience in the development of technology services for artists and arts administrators. When the Eastman-Kodak corporation announced it was discontinuing slide projector production, WESTAF worked with a consortium of art fairs and festivals and the National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA) to develop an online art fair application system.

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