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Software Compatibility

Basic Requirements for accessing the site

  1. A computer with Windows 7 or later (for Windows-based computers) or Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (for Apple computers)
  2. Internet access with 56k dial-up or better (broadband cable or DSL provide for optimal performance)
  3. A Web browser to access the internet.
  4. A personal email address (Free accounts are available from Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo!)
  5. A computer monitor

Please note: Printers are not necessary but can be useful for printing receipts and applications for your records or other use.

Monitor Calibration
Proper monitor calibration is important to ensure that you are seeing your images correctly. There are a variety of different ways you can calibrate your monitor that will affect brightness, contrast, color, and print reproduction. You can use Google or another search engine to search for the keywords "calibrating monitors," which will provide results for many online tutorials. You can also buy specific color calibrating software for your monitors.

Here are some websites that might be helpful:

Compatible Internet Browsers
For optimal performance, use the most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari. In our experience, Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome are most compatible with ZAPP®. Download either of these browsers for free at or

Bookmarking the site
You can only bookmark the public home page ( Select the Favorite/Bookmark drop-down menu from your toolbar and click on Bookmark This Page or Add Bookmark.

Site Access
Listed below are multiple variables that can cause errors accessing the system. Computer settings are different for each individual computer. Please refer to your software, browser options, and computer manuals for details on how to change your settings.

Cookies disabled The site requires cookies to be enabled.
Firewall enabled A firewall can block access to the site. Please disable your firewall.
Pop-up blockers enabled Disable pop-up blockers; they can prevent the site from performing properly.
Content Adviser enabled Your content advisor will limit the site's functionality. Please disable.
Disrupted Internet Connection Make sure you are still connected to the Internet.
Security Settings Lower your security settings to medium or below
Anti-Virus Software Turn off your anti-virus software for the duration of your time spent on ZAPP®.

Web Browser Information: Cache and Cookies
At times, you may need to refresh your browser by clearing your cache. You must also enable your system's cookies in order to view certain web pages correctly. The settings for your cache and cookies can affect the performance of your web browser as it interacts with the ZAPP® site.

The cache is a function in Internet browsers that sets aside a section of your computer's hard disk to store representations of pages that you've seen. The cache takes a snapshot of a page you are viewing so that it will load more quickly when you return to it again in the same session. Sometimes it is necessary to clear your cache so that previously saved pages of your ZAPP® application, for example, aren't used instead of newer versions of such pages.

Cookies are data files that  help a website "remember" who you are and set preferences accordingly when you return. They eliminate the need to repeatedly fill out order forms or re-register on websites. Cookies help your computer remember what is in your application so that your complete information will be transmitted to the event when you complete the checkout process.

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